Top Five Comfiest Airlines

As a person who travels a lot, I had my share of bad airplanes. It is not unusual to stand out of a long flight with your feet still half asleep and pray to stretch! The people I know even say that the more expensive ticket is fine as long as the aircraft has enough room to stand.

Another measure of convenience I use is fun. I'll get a book to help you pass the time, but I'm still looking at the flying exhibition. My friendly workers who work with laptops have internet access at the top of their list. I think I can also use it to browse the network.

Aircraft environment is also something to think about. I like spacious toilets because I prefer not to use (more than one) when using a cup. I'm sleeping sometimes, so having nice pillows and blankets help me sleep healthy, as well as comfortable, comfortable chairs. Dignified food is a necessity because I ate enough onboard delicious meals to last my life. The friendly staff of the airline is also a great addition. I was once ignorant of a grumpy stewardess and I did not even flirt with her

So, with what airlines are the best flights? According to the World Airline Awards,

1. Singapore Airlines – I had the pleasure of flying with this airline several times, and hearing that they are the number one is not at all surprising. They always had a good reputation among ordinary passengers and for good reason. The economic class is not so cramped, the business class is as good as it gets, great food in all classes, friendly and well-trained cabin staff and a good choice of fun during the flight. If you have a ticket with Singapore Airlines, you have guaranteed satisfaction. Your feet may not want to leave and it's not because they are asleep!

2. Thai Airways – Another Excellent Airline! Some consider them to be a real competitor of Singapore Airlines, both of which are based in Southeast Asia and both are considered to be among the best in the world. As with Singapore Airlines, you are confident that you will be satisfied with them.

3. Cathay Pacific – Permanent competition from pricing, you are confident that you have good experience with them. While it's not as good as the best, it's more than an above-average rating in everything the passengers need, giving them a good advantage over other airlines.

4. Qatar Airways – If you are flying first class, do not look for more! Qatar Airways is ranked first in business and not in other categories. It is also the best airline in the Middle East. Catch them for years and see what they can do for you.

5. Qantas – another consistent artist like Cathay Pacific, is considered Australia's best airline. In many comfortable categories it works well, and is known to be the best choice for flights.

So what are you waiting for? If you plan a trip, make sure it's one of these airlines for a comfortable travel experience that lets you smile inside!