Simulation Plane Games – One of the Best Ways to Feel the Freedom of Flight

I should admit that my favorite interest is to play computer games – they make me be free and capable of everything or almost everything. Simulation planes are a good example of what is unlikely to be tested for real – it requires a lot of effort, training, physical ability and happiness to become one of the few who have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the airplane as pilots. But with computer flight simulators, there is a great feeling of flying like a bird accessible to everyone with computer literacy.

There are a few games in the field of flight simulation that are approaching perfection in their recovery of reality. We have different simulation planes for different games. For example, "ProFlightSimulator" and "Microsoft Flight Simulator" are trying to restore realistic flying, while "X-Plane" is trying to tear down the boundaries of reality and offer futuristic flying. The story differs from simulators such as "IL-2 Sturmovik" and "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" because they add more than a lot of combat actions.

If you're going to fight the simulations (I'm not really a fan personally), you can try "IL-2 Sturmovik" and "Lock On: Modern Air Combat" as they offer the best in World War II style or modern combat flying. In these games you can control fighters and other combat aircraft and events to carry out a simulation aircraft of a combat team that could be fun for a while. You will also gain access to many classic combat aircraft and see them in action, which is a completely different feeling than just flying.

You can get closer to real flying everyday if you test "Microsoft Flight Simulator" or "X-Plane", which are real simulation aircraft full of many aircraft, helicopters, and other flying things. "X-Plane" has a slightly looser approach to realistic flying, but full player freedom allows flying all kinds of existing and non-existing flying machines, while Microsoft Flight Simulator has a more conservative approach but a slightly more limited choice of available aircraft. Both simulators are definitely good for a while or for a change, but I do not see them "flying" constantly.

You may have already noticed that I was a bit picky with my simulation planes and I always found something that could spoil the game. This is only partially true, as I will not be looking for "ProFlightSimulator" yet. It is a game with such a big reality installed that I sometimes imagine myself as a part-time pilot with an impressive amount of flight hours behind my back. "ProFlightSimulator" really gives you access to everything available for a real pilot – more than 120 real-world aircraft, 20,000 real-world airports and even weather conditions. This game is really addictive, just try and see it.