Discover the tight French rapper – Alibi Montana

As most of you know, I am nothing like French hip hop. Alibi Montana, however, stands out among many French rapists. The man brings a sharp, surgical, ruthless style of his own. Alibi Montana is the true representative of what is happening in the French ghettos সাথে With his humorous lyrics, his extremely offensive harsh style, the surprising aspiration actually shows some attitude against the government’s indifference.
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From La Corneuve in the notorious 93 section (on the outskirts of Paris), Alibi Montana knows the rotten spot perfectly. Today, my goal is to give you more insight into the brand new album of pure, raw rapper, Inspiration Gallery, Warrior Inspiration.
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Alibi Montana is a true representative of gangsta rap in France. Ghetto rap is built on strong drums and harmonic instruments made with symphonic violin sounds. As a soldier, great Emmy shooting some sharp songs is a powerful outlet for her anger.
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Alibi exposes us to the problem of French ghettos with the insight of a social commentator. Like the NWA, he courageously stands up against the police, who often hold petty men as second-zone citizens. I know in my own experience that police often treat young people with bad skin color (this happened to my own son).
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Poverty, many people with no prospects for a better future, park in dirty places where violence and drugs are often rampant. Alibi tells you how it is, whether you like it or not.
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Street Fight is a beautiful, rhythmic track during which Alibi rises as a rapper-boxer. He is ready to sing you. Built on chords, keyboard piano and drum sound, the powerful song lets the talented rapper poison him. He destroys everything in his path. Hiphop lovers will probably enjoy the track.

French hardcore rapper LIM is present at Honnar’s Ox Ghetto. This is a tribute to the privileged ghetto people.

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