Top 10 places for fishing

Who would have thought that fishing would go this far? Where different competitions are being held all over the world. Now more and more people are embroiled in prestigious sports, and for those who love sports, this will be an opportunity to know the top 10 best fishing spots in the United States.

Who would have thought that fishing that was formerly a livelihood is now considered a sport? Different types of fishing contests are now taking place in different parts of the world. More and more people are getting involved in this kind of game. Now, if you want to start fishing, below are the top 10 bait fishing fields in the United States.

Top 10: Wisconsin
Wisconsin is known for its abundance of walleye, crappies, musk, bass and bluegill. Its 15, 057 mile boundary is the freshwater lake which makes it a perfect place for fishing. The place is also surrounded by great lakes and the Mississippi River.

Top 9: Oregon
Oregon is famous for its famous fishing fields which are the Fort River. Rogue River is the home of Oregon's 15,000-mile freshwater lake with steelhead trout and the famous Chinook Salmon, also known as Beaver State.

Top 8: Montana
Montana is home to a variety of trout, brook, brown and westslope cutthroats. This place is definitely perfect for fishing.

Top 7: Minnesota
Known for the Minnesota ice fishing competition, the Brainard Jacques, which is held annually, attracts around 7,000 participants each year. Minnesota is also called "Land of 10,000 Lakes" in which you have thousands of lakes to choose from.

Top 6: Maine
There are 6,000 lakes near Maine for fishing efforts. It is home to Muskelnge, Largemouth Bus, Salmon and North Pike. Being connected to the Atlantic coast where you can catch bus and blue fin tuna, it is a great place for people who like an adventure in the deep blue sea.

Top 5: Louisiana
Home to famous fishing contests like the Louisiana CCS or Coastal Conservation Association statewide tournaments and the Star or Angler Rodeo, these two events are well known to all fishing sports enthusiasts. Louisiana offers a variety of adventures in the indigo blue seas on indoor fishing grounds.

Top 4: Idaho
Idaho is famous for the Salmon River, Snake River and Silver Creek. It is also known for its abundant bass, pike, sockeye salmon, chinook salmon and the largest fish in North America, the White Surgeon.

Top 3: Florida
Florida is the right location for the most prestigious fishing competition, the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament. The competition, which has already been running for months, now attracts a lot of enthusiasts and reaches around 50,000 competitors per tournament. Florida is also known as the fishing capital of the world because you can catch a variety of fish from mackerel, kingfish and barracudas.

Top 2: California
California gives you two options: indoor fishing and deep blue sea adventure. There are 3,131 different lakes and 840 miles of expensive zones to choose from in California, offering a variety of salmon, sea bass, eel tails and even the famous blue fin tuna.

Top 1: Alaska
Many fishing enthusiasts out there called Alaska "the last frontier." Some people refer to it as a refuge for fishermen. If you have the stamina of going on a sea adventure, Alaska is the place for you. It has 3,000 rivers and 3 million lakes that you can choose from. You can catch 627 different species here, which is definitely a generous crop for any fishing enthusiast.