Travel northeast by motorcycle

Olympia Peninsula is one of the nearest destinations for motorbikes to travel across the country, and the Antarctica and Bar Harbor are also great. The Oregon coastline is awesome, too. There are lots of great rides and highways, not too far east of the eastern Washington state border

Another great trip we got was the HighHost 12 Lewiston for Idaho to Missoula Montana and then Missoula Montana to the Salmon River for the San Valley Idaho. Great ride from Boise Idaho to Lewiston Idaho too.

One of the things you must consider in order to view the Northeast by motorcycle is that you must finish the trip by about October 15 of each year, as the weather changes with the onset of rains. Sometimes it rains for six months or every single day for a whirlwind and it doesn't make it fun. In winter, often on a sunny day, even on high elevations, there may be snow on the road, and this can be dangerous for motorcycles.

But the Cascade Mountains are spectacular in Oregon during the summer and there are many lakes and fun sites to visit. Traveling northeast by motorcycle is a lot of fun and is one of the best places in the United States to ride a motorcycle. The scenery and scenery are spectacular. Perhaps you will consider all of that in 2006.