Survival gear required for elk hunting

Anyone who has hunted for elk knows how challenging, frustrating, physically demanding it can be, and even painful. At least, elk hunting may not be very addictive. Anyone who is easily obsessed with the point that he is focused on the victim does not understand how far they have gone, what time, and where they are not exactly sure. Here we are going to discuss how these and other factors together can be detrimental to your survival and should always be on you to ensure that you are surviving your victim.

Imagine this scenario; You and your friend are hunting in the Rocky Mountains. You will be back on the truck in the evening, carrying your 30 # day pack and driving all day. How nice! What a relief to finally get this weight off the shoulder!

On the truck you're heading back to camp, you can see a small gang of Ek with two bulls. This elk is traveling, so you need to move fast to get 100 yards away to take a shot. You have a knife and extra shell in your pocket or in your belt. Oops! Grab the rangefinder, shoot the sticks and binoculars. We're just getting there, it's just what we need …

You reach the point just in time for the last elk to disappear into the forest. You can see that the trees are moving a few hundred yards to the side, and there are some "sparse" chains that look like a good place to shoot from where you are. When you get there, they are in range, but the trees are too thick or a cow on the way to get a clear shot. There is an hour of daylight left, so if you keep following, make sure you get a shot at the end. Next thing you know, you've lost an axle, and it's dark. Oops – forgot to bring a light. In fact, you have no cigarette lighter or fire starter, no water, no food, and you have a light hooded sweatshirt. No matter – the truck this way. You walk on sticks and rocks on the walkway It is now completely dark and in the end you make sure that you are not sure where the truck is.

Elk has a way of enchanting a hunter, clouding his judgment, and misleading him. Much like a sailor's siren and pied piper. It is easy to find yourself in this situation. In this case, the hunters make it to a long, cool, sleepless night and will be back in the truck the next morning, which is not too bad to wear. This can easily be a fatal mistake.

Here is everything you can do to survive your next elk hunt; You must have a small accessories pack of any kind, be it a waist / fan, short shoulder or backpack. Many "module" type packs feature a small detachable pack. It's an ideal system that makes it easy to make sure you keep your basic needs in place for your overnight survival. This pack may be small, or you may prefer not to bring it. Regardless of the distance or the length of the hike you make from the truck or the cam – your life can depend on it.

This pack should have the necessary survival gear and supplies:

A cigar or cigarette lighter and a magnesium fire starting device. Fire-starting material or tender is good but al.

An additional set of LED headlamps and batteries. It's also a good idea to carry a small flashlight like a mini-mag on the belt sheet.

One bottle of water and a filtering straw or cartridge.

A 4 & # 39; x6 & # 39 ;, or large sheet of medium to heavy weight black plastic. It can bend or shelter from wind, rain or snow or used as a "ground" cloth. It works well for removing pine needles and dirt from meat while leaving an elk in the field.

A compass and / or GPS. A compass is more suitable for this small pack but if you choose GPS, be sure to pack at least 2 extra batteries.

A very small pocket sized first aid kit. Some of them will even have a compass and other equipment.

Paracord – 10 & # 39; min. Paracord has many uses and is a must.

A couple granola bars or small bags of trail mix are recommended, but not absolutely necessary. You can go on a hunger strike if you need it.

Lastly – a ziplock sandwich bag containing a few sheets of paper towels. They will be used for cleaning toilet paper, bloody hands and arms, medium-type fire starting material and wound dressing. Unlike toilet paper – paper towels will still perform when wet.

Most hunters, such as you, wear appropriate clothing and place a knife in your pocket or your belt, all survival gear for short-term survival.

There are many elk hunting situations that can lead to your death if you are not prepared for them. If you have a small pack containing a short list of gear items needed for this survival, you can catch it in your hurry to catch the bull potion, and you can survive one or two nights with almost a guarantee that you can spend the night. Be compelled, or simply choose to start hunting in the light of day.

Pack smart, hunt smart, hunt hard. And above all, have fun and ultimately enjoy your precious time in the ornaments, worry-free and confident you are ready to survive your adventure by following the splendid and alluring "The Waste of the Woods".