What is the mother who will do but enjoy her day

Although observation of Mothers Day in the United States was started by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 and turned into a festive day through the efforts of Anna Jarvis in 1907, it was the idea to celebrate Mothers Day. Today came into being, not for the mothers of our species, but for the sake of Greek deity. During the period of antiquity, Rhea was the mother of the gods of the Greeks as would be the sibel of the Romans.
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In our house, my husband started Mothers Day celebrations thirty-eight years ago, and to this day, he is the person who leads the celebrations. Such cases make male dominance so happy to live with. Perhaps male domination and instinct of mothers have been declared myths of our time, but mothers’ not only celebrations of the day, but also take on a different commercial development every year.
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For me, just being recognized as someone’s mother and appreciated by my partner for being a mother makes mothers a very special day of celebration, especially if among the gifts I get a sincere hug.
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With my kids, gifts started with handcrafted cards, hastily collected gifts, toasted breakfast in bed, and I slowly graduated into the finest things, materials bought from the store, specially made greeting cards, flowers and chocolates always from my husband. However, no matter how my gift turns, the memories of toddlers and little boys who try hard to please the mother with encouragement from their father always remain the most memorable event for any mother in my memory.
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There is no doubt about celebrating one’s love for the mother or the mother’s love for her family. Since science nullifies maternal instinct, maternal love may be learned behavior, but it is still a highly respected asset and badly needed for the survival of human societies. Accordingly, the positive advantages of maternity are not only confined to biological mothers, but are also restricted to wives mothers and mothers in law and anyone who hired someone.
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For this reason, when I bought gifts for my mother on Mothers’ day, I bought gifts similar to my uncle who did not give birth to me and who also conceived me, and when I called my mother on Mother’s Day, I used to call my aunt as well, when both women were alive. What is the woman who will not be satisfied with her appreciation?
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Not only mothers, but in general, all women nourish and strengthen the moral fibers of the human family; therefore, it is a great honor to officially recognize the interested side of any woman on Mother’s Day.
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Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


Accessible travel and do your homework

A recent vacation has taught me some valuable lessons about accessible travel and I'd like to share it with you. My temporary admiration, which only lasted a few months, gave me valuable firsthand experiences that will benefit our readers.

My career spanning several decades, specializing as a disability insurance consultant, has given me a unique perspective of actively engaging with employees of client companies that make claims for long-term disability. We mainly "advise" disabled employees who were submitting LTD claims and who did not understand the claims process.

"Wall collision" … When a problem occurs, there is a "shock" that we "cross the line" in one moment. One minute we are healthy, and we are later disabled. It happens while it takes you to read this paragraph.

The most obvious effect on their "self" began with a psychological effect that was no longer in excellent health without any restrictions. When added to the immediate negative effect of their medical condition, it was likened to "wall walking." In addition to the physical and emotional trauma of your disability, the additional impact of immediate lifestyle changes may be overwhelming for the most difficult of souls.

How do we get to the bedroom on the second floor in a wheelchair? How will you enter the bathroom? Where do we buy a railroad to take over the bathroom? Who will install it? For elderly people with joints hands, where to find clothes or shoes with velcro containers. They are very welcome benefits for the elderly with articular fingers.

At the worst time imaginable, decisions about adapting to a completely new and completely different lifestyle must be made.

Since I was a month away from the rotator cuff surgery, I couldn't use one arm naturally. We took public transportation from Paris's de Gaulle airport which led us to the "tube" (London's express transportation system). When we got to our position in the basement of the hotel, we discovered that there was no "elevator" (elevator to street level). After pulling two heavy bags with one arm, over steep stairs, I was grateful for my “good” arm.

Upon returning to the United States, I went online and conducted my first accessible travel research. My first assignment was to prepare a map of the London express transport system and a new world of opportunity appeared on the screen of my computer. There was a map of the entire London express system where I could see all the transportation stations that had “elevators” (elevators).

Then I looked for hotels and breakfasts that were close to stations with elevators. If I am disabled for the next time, I will simply plan an accessible travel to enjoy a trip to London.

The main message here is "Do your homework" before embarking on your vacation trips. I believe that future vacations will bring you more fun and then you can imagine.

The next part of the accessible travel trip was an invitation to speak to Parkinson's Support Group. Since I created a brochure on accessible travel opportunities, I discovered a young Manchurian and Biologist online. I asked if I was willing to talk about travel available for a group of 40 to 50 people consisting of Parkinson's patients and their carers.

What I learned next is perhaps the most valuable lesson I can give to anyone with any form of disability or disability who used to travel but stopped completely. Epiphany happened when he simply asked me if members of the support group had any difficulties with their trips. What I heard next was "YES", it seems that every person in the group basically has completely stopped traveling!

Since my working life includes helping people file a disability suit, I have discovered that there are many differences in the severity of Parkinson's disease. I learned that there were people with symptoms that initially lead to a specific diagnosis of Parkinson's disease even those who have severe disabilities and are quite handicapped. It appears that with the initial diagnosis, this was a major factor in stopping their travel. It may have been assumed that continuing to travel would be too much to deal with.

When asked what happened, there was no way to know whether a conscious decision was made or not. She wondered if the fear of the unknown, or perhaps "traveling" would be too much. Was there a fear of getting away from their doctors or treatment facilities? Or is she just afraid of the unknown?

Another option I thought about involved many of us was feeling more comfortable with familiar surroundings. We have all heard the phrase "habit creatures". For most people, we know that "home is where the heart is". More than being honest, our homes are where we are most comfortable. Familiar surroundings brings us comfortable feeling.

Don't we have all of our favorite restaurants? I know for me that there are at least three different paths I can take to my office, all at the same distance but I still have to make a conscious effort to change my way.

Returning to Parkinson's support group experience, each member came with a husband, parent, or friend who was the caregiver. I asked the audience to show my hands to those who had Parkinson's. Then I asked if it was disturbing that holiday trips had stopped. There was universal recognition.

I fully understand that it can be the most annoying thing that you watched a family member having an acute health problem. There is no way that healthcare providers can fully appreciate the impact of declining health. The most important point I want to make is that you are the person who has become more vulnerable due to a medical condition at risk, please note the effect on your partner who is no longer joining you on vacations and acknowledging your awareness of their care and changes in lifestyle.

Copyright 2016

Alan Chikway, RHU


Unleash the power of your menstrual cycle

On my twelfth birthday, at 7:12 pm, God gave me the second biggest gift any girl could want. You got your period. My greatest gift was my breast and I already had it; so I was happy for a beautiful curse. I read "Are You God Over There, Margaret" twice and get to know the main character's pain in her life span? So far, this is still one of my favorite books of all time in the world. My mother told me that when I started the menstrual cycle, it means that I have prospered in a woman who is able to give life and that I should not leave a boy approaching me. My father gave me an increase of $ 20.00 in my weekly allowance on the day I started my period. My father said: "You are now young and need extra money to buy things for my daughters." Since I entered my life course, I have always loved it and have always been my best friend.

When I was fifteen, I did not go home for two months. I was hoping that she did not run away with a boy – but unfortunately my instincts were right. After this incident, I was always trying to control it with synthetic hormones, fertility schemes, sexual positions, and a variety of other barriers, but she always had her own mind. Sometimes I really hated her – like before a hot date; a trip to the park, and surprised me while I was wearing white jeans in my home economics class in seventh grade, let alone funk that would put me in my alert that she was going home. Thirty years later, I learned that my menstrual cycle is not simply designed to tell me whether I am pregnant to ovulate or not; my menstrual cycle holds the key to a healthy balance in my biological, psychological, and spiritual well-being. As women, we are biologically determined to be the passionate and caring caregivers. We cook, clean and take care of other people, and if it is not for our periods, we will never know when we sit and allow another person to take care of us and bring us a cup of tea.

Most theorists, scientists and researchers believe that the primary purpose of a menstrual cycle is to create and prepare a woman's body for pregnancy. Given new groundbreaking studies on the impact of hormonal changes on the female brain and how this affects her behavior, I believe the menstrual cycle is a natural warning system that provides women with emotional, psychological, and cognitive adaptive skills and skills that allow them to work and survive in a male-dominated society. The menstrual cycle for women is a psycho-biological marine map designed to guide and guide her on how to improve her life and reach her full potential.

The regression and flow of the menstrual cycle is not only related to wax and weakness in the moon, each week of the cycle is a symbol of the weather cycle in winter, spring, summer and autumn as well. Each weather season has secrets, rituals, and responsibilities that must be used to maintain a harmonious flow of nature that stabilizes the environment to maintain and sustain the life cycle. If squirrels do not hide food in late summer and throughout autumn, their species will cease to exist. The same natural wisdom tells birds when to migrate, tolerates hibernation, and flowers when they are encoded in each woman's menstrual cycle. Contemporary women were conditioned to swallow menstruation and hate it as an interference in their daily lives rather than embracing innate knowledge, wisdom and practical common sense.

A woman's mood, memory, and perception are affected by her menstrual cycle. The first day of a woman's period is the first day of her period. During the two weeks before a woman releases an egg (before ovulation), estrogen dominates her mood. Estrogen is an antidepressant hormone that promotes bonding in sexual and non-sexual relationships. Estrogen gives women secondary sexual characteristics, removes the vagina and helps it maintain a thick lining, causes endometrium thickening, increases the bonds in the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for long-term memory, and regulates liver cholesterol production. Testosterone levels also rise in the first half of the menstrual cycle. . Testosterone is responsible for increasing mental focus, improving mood, increasing spatial ability, more energy, muscle and bone growth, increased risk, increased orgasms and attention to sex. Testosterone increases your overall sense of well-being and self-esteem. Estrogen and testosterone peak together during the second week of menstruation. During winter and spring, the first two weeks of our menstrual cycle, our brains are more active, rational and focused, and we are better able to hear positive words.

After a woman-dominated ovulation, progesterone dominates in the second half, the third week of the menstrual cycle. Female sex drive decreases after ovulation. Progesterone neutralizes the effect of estrogen and testosterone. Progesterone causes breast tenderness, drowsiness, mysterious thinking, and an increase in hunger and thirst. Progesterone reduces anxiety and reduces anger, which is a general mood stabilizer. After ovulation, the hormone progesterone causes a woman's body temperature to rise, just as the sun increases the heat during the summer. Progesterone is similar to Valium. It has a calming effect that creates a warm and mysterious environment to support the growing fetus. In the second half of the menstrual cycle, during late summer and autumn, you are more likely to hear and talk about negative emotions. You are also more likely to hear negatively charged words, see yourself fat, criticize yourself and others and be easier.

Most women tend to be social beings who are interested in relationships and pleasing others. One of the main reasons for a woman's menstrual cycle is the natural way to help her look inside and jot down her needs and desires, strengths, weaknesses and overall biological and psychological well-being. Do you know the perfect week during the month of menstruation to travel to unknown destinations, take a test, end a relationship, clean a garage, be creative, take care of a foot, vacation, or hang out with your friends? Each week of the menstrual cycle is divided into a season associated with its biological and psychological characteristics. Each menstrual cycle will offer suggestions that will help you use the power of natural energy to increase your full potential.

Winter 1 week launch reflects the week

Like winter, the uterus is barren and empty. The uterus relieves the pain of the past by physically drawing the woman's attention to her body, emotions and surroundings. Winter provides an opportunity for renewal.

The first day of the menstrual cycle begins in the menstrual cycle. This is the best time of the month to go and take care of your soul. This is the perfect time for drawing, drawing, everyday writing, meditation, decoration, knitting, knitting, and reading. Be selfish with your time, energy and resources. Do not blame your tears, you need a quiet time and space to renew your soul and become all again. Connect with yourself and think about the things, projects, or people who work in your life. Free all the things that are not good for you emotionally and psychologically, just as nature does physically.

This is the time to work on projects already underway and come up with new ideas. See what you say and how you communicate with others. Your words may be seen as brutal, icy cold, fast, somewhat fragile and straightforward as the freezing winter morning. Your words may be honest and fair, but without fully restoring estrogen and testosterone, you will lack a hormonal pillow to relieve the cold buzz of words and emotions that have broken down during the spring and summer. Spiritually, at this time of release, he urges you to say things that you will never say so you can purify yourself and maintain the emotional and psychological balance in your life. This is the ideal season for your menstrual cycle to think about whether you should break up with your boyfriend or divorce your husband. You should also ask yourself if you are really happy with your work, school or other endeavors in your life. The wisdom of winter is self-reflection without judgment.

Spending a few days in the winter is a good time to talk from heart to heart about what bothers you, just remember to be careful about how it appears. What is good about this season of the month is that it connects you with the truth of your heart and soul. Don't be afraid of this fact, let her guide you and blossom in the spring. After thawing, be careful not to say anything you might regret in the spring.

Go to the cinema, coffee shop, or book store, drink a cup of tea and relax. Aah!

The second week's spring is an exciting Energy Week

It is governed by the estrogen hormone that causes the lining of the uterus to grow, thicken, and promote the growth and development of all parts of the reproductive system and breast.

In the springtime, the ground is wet from melting snow and falling rain. Flowers bloom, the grass begins to grow, birds and other creatures sing mating calls. Mother Nature is very busy creating, having children and dancing. Nature is wet, prosperous, and prosperous.

This is the best week for your menstrual cycle, laundry, and any activity that requires a lot of physical energy. Since estrogen affects the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for long-term memory, this is the perfect time of the month for standardized tests, written tests, and job interviews. Your verbal ability is the most severe; you will not lose words this week. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Rationally, this may be the perfect week to break up with your boyfriend. In hormonal terms, this may not be the best week if you are simply attracted to your co-worker. Look at your assessment during the winter to determine whether you are speaking from the libido.

Due to the increase in testosterone this improves your spatial ability. If you are traveling to an unknown destination, this is the best week of the month you are going to. Your mind is better able to read maps. Thanks to testosterone and estrogen, this season will be very exciting. If you are unhappy with your relationship, this is the week you are most likely to cheat on your boyfriend. If you are in a happy relationship, this is the week in which you will feel more attractive to your partner and want to have sex. Mucus in the vagina is moist, stretchy and slippery. You your body creates an ideal environment to visualize a new life physically, spiritually and psychologically. Spring wisdom is, "I can do anything. I am confident, beautiful and successful." This is your power season.

This is the perfect time to shop for new clothes and shoes, try new makeup, dye your hair, go on vacation with your companion; visit your family members (especially if you don't have a good relationship with them – you are emotionally stable and able to ignore negative comments and judgments). If you are going to host a party and want to see and feel your best plan is absolute during the Spring Week of your menstrual cycle.

In late spring, early summer is when it is more fertile.

Summer in the third week

Just like the summer months, your temperature rises. Progesterone makes the lining of the uterus stronger and spongy, just like the thick, lush grass covering the ground in summer. Summer is governed by progesterone that causes breast tenderness, drowsiness, mysterious thinking, increased hunger and thirst. Progesterone reduces anxiety and reduces anger, which is a general mood stabilizer.

Summer is the week of your period when you feel tired and sleepy, regardless of how much sleep you get during the night. If you can't focus on the road or leave your eyes open, after 8 hours of sleep, while driving home from work, this is just the summer season you spend on your body with Fayoum, the natural pill. Your body just wants to sleep, eat and drink. It is not your imagination that you feel tired and sleepy, it is the summer heat that calms you, and steals all your energy and ambition. Go to bed earlier than usual and have breakfast in the morning. Drink lots of water, herbal teas, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

This is the perfect week for nail care, nail care, and beach relaxation. This is the best season of the month for every girl's vacation for two main reasons. Now after ovulation, there is a decrease in your sex drive, so don't look at the romantic scene from the beach and wish your friend were in the bosom with you. Secondly, your sense of taste increases and you and your friends can go out to the buffet bar, when hormonal food is no better. Summer is the perfect time to relax with your girlfriends, drink iced tea, ice cream sundae and watch chick taps in between naps. The wisdom of summer is to live in this moment and take time to enjoy life.

This week’s challenge remains focused, organized, and active. Try to bring your business clothes together the night before, cook meals for the week in advance and do not identify any projects or events that require additional energy and time costs.

Fall of the fourth week, Wise, foolish week

The ground is dry and covered with leaves. This is the season of infertility. Autumn can be a beautiful season if your body is balanced in winter, spring and summer with a balance of exercise, nutrients, vitamins and rest. If you are exercising and following a balanced diet, falling is a breeze. It's like going outside and getting ready for snow, rain or heat on the same day. You know in advance that the weather is unpredictable due to climatic changes and that you are ready for the vast array of possibilities offered by Mother Nature.

The fourth week of the menstrual cycle is when women experience premenstrual syndrome. Think of hormones that have many of the same capabilities as the sun. When the sun begins to withdraw in the fall, this causes unpredictable weather and affects the ability of chlorophyll to use sunlight to convert carbon dioxide and water into tree food. This causes the leaves to change colors, die and eventually falls from tree branches. The relaxing effect of progesterone withdraws 2-3 days before your period, leaving your mind prone to stress. This is why you may cry so easily, be controversial, fight and feel depressed. This causes the hormonal imbalance that is responsible for many mood swings that some women experience before menstruation. If you are crying for greeting cards, commercials, or someone you don't like about the new lipstick color, you might be in the fall season.

Because of the low hormones, your chemicals are unbalanced. This is not the best week to break up with her boyfriend, ask your husband for a divorce, expel your children from your home, try to get them back for adoption or quit your job. Watch what you say because under stable hormonal weather conditions, you may have a completely different view or point of view. Your chemicals are unbalanced, so you are more likely to be passive and critical of yourself and suffer from low self-esteem. Remember to tell yourself that your thoughts and negative self-talk are colored by reduced sunlight and changing weather conditions – these are not your true colors. You should not shop for new clothes, makeup or new hairstyle during the fall season of your menstrual cycle because your estrogen levels are low and are likely to be analytical, rational and positive. In addition, you may retain water and feel pain. This is not the best time to really see how much you will find a new sexy look.

Autumn is a very special season because it is a reflection of your overall physical and psychological health. Falling brings you the spiritual lesson of being entrenched and rooted in good health and a healthy mind, otherwise you will be exposed to the strong winds that blow you in many directions such as falling leaves. The most important lesson of this season is to postpone any life-changing decisions until the sun sets.

The wisdom of falling brings two lessons: The first lesson is that you must pay close attention to what is missing or unbalanced in your life. The second lesson is for women to learn to be patient and love with themselves.

Here are some suggestions that would make fall a potential season: exercising, exercising, practicing yoga, or meditation daily. Take a vitamin supplement and increase your intake of B6 in bananas, soybeans, fish, beans, green leafy vegetables and raisins. Increase the amount of magnesium found in cashews, almonds and buckwheat. Boost the amount of calcium in milk products, tofu, okra, and cauliflower. Monitor your diet by cutting back caffeine, sugar, salt, sugar and white flour. Drink herbal tea and lots of water.

When the hormone progesterone calms down, this leads to menstrual bleeding, the woman's body releases the endometrium, and thus turns to winter, in the first week of the cycle.


Global design, cohousing, and economic necessity catalyze green housing project in Oaxaca, Mexico

Initially, David Hornic appears to be the most likely candidate to lead a housing project in the state of Oaxaca, one of the most southern and poorest states in Mexico; Hispanic sparse to be generous, until early this year he had never ventured into this part of the country, as he had never He designs or builds almost a house, and he lived almost all his life in Schenectady, New York, where he typically lived as a Jewish middle class.

But Hornic has a vision, born from other life experiences that made him more qualified than most of them to move forward with the project. “There is one thing about me,” he explained on his first trip to Oaxaca, “that once I do something, you know that it has already been thought out – and then there is nothing to stop me.”

For more than three decades, Hornic has been a family physician diagnosing and treating American adults exclusively … through home visits. He and his wife, Roberta, his partner in medical practice, have learned that where and how we live traditionally seldom leads to graceful and easy aging from an economic security situation.

The answer, as I came to the conclusion over the past few months of guardianship from Hornick, at least to create a blueprint for the solution, is to import some of the properties of cohousing and as many key elements as possible from global design, to a region of the world where concerns can be addressed in a way The best – Oaxaca … for beginners. And that's exactly what Hornic did.

Cooperative housing

Cohousing communities are usually designed as a series of attached or single family homes along one or more pedestrian pathways or grouped around a patio. Although the concept originated in Denmark, since the early 1980s it was promoted in the United States, and since then similar societies have developed that use the basic concept across other countries in the Western world such as Canada, France, Germany and New Zealand.

Each community includes a larger building, a "shared home", which forms the community center for the community where neighbors can meet, eat and attend activities that are not traditionally required on a daily basis (i.e. laundry), and even host guests in small apartments. The last two points have implications for reducing the total cost per resident, as the area that is not normally occupied on a daily basis is removed from individual homes.

While in the purest paradigms, residents are actively involved in designing their own neighborhood, in which case potential members don't spare this effort – Hornick has devoted his adult life to assessing Americans' needs as their stages in their lives change. Accordingly, great progress has already been made in the Oaxaca project, and in fact, there is a website that addresses those interested in pursuing a lifestyle change for the foreseeable future. It now includes pictures of the proposed paths of the ground, site plans and architectural drawings for the two models at home.

Hornick prefers avoiding commonly used terms like intentional or cooperative housing, as well as housing, just for “neighborhoods” and “communities”. The former imports the idea of ​​unanimous decision-making, which he does not think is applicable. However, he envisions a "resident board" (perhaps similar to a condominium board) to help with neighborhood suggestions. This indicates that his approach is realistic and his model is possible. The project emphasizes the acceptance of the participants to one of the primary objectives: energy efficiency; respect for the environment; use of locally produced “green” materials (in construction and others); affordability. A global design that enables people of all ages to grow and mature well.

Universal design

UD can be defined as the creation of products (including communication systems) and environments (including landscapes) that can be used by all people, as far as possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. It is often associated with exclusive treatment for the elderly and the injured. Indeed there should be no doubt that in the context of the Oaxaca project, this concept will be very attractive to those in their fifties and the elderly, many of whom conclude their careers and start a new phase of life, "retirement." But the project's use of holistic design addresses more – compatibility with the natural progression of functional changes throughout the user's lifetime, according to Hornic.

How does UD handle all ages and ability levels and thus make the project attractive to families at every stage of life? Hornick explains:

"We are all helpless and powerless. We cannot reach most light switches until we are about four years old, long after we are able to stand and walk. The functional ability (usually) improves until mid-to late teens, and then begins to Decline.

"Optical switches can be lowered to three feet so that children as well as people on wheelchairs can move around the shoulder. Round door handles can be replaced by lever handles that hold the hands of the joints, but also allow people attached to grocery-filled arms to open a door with a free attachment, steps can be replaced with slopes , Even at the entrance to the house, the intensity of illumination can be adjustable to accommodate visibility while blurring with age, and the shower stalls can be built without any slight increase – moreover, there are literally a hundred or more designs and other alternative products that An oasis on the market that can be considered, which does not detract from the "natural" function or aesthetics of the home.

Hornick has been consulted on projects for renovating older apartments that include the production of prototypes for adaptive design. The Oaxaca project enables its wealth of knowledge and experience to be implemented using a slightly different direction.

We are in an age when an increasing number of individuals and couples in North America are disappointed with the work mindset to go down, which are the less-than-ideal environments in which they feel compelled to live and raise families, and increase the inaccessibility of basic goods and services including health care Recently, both workplace insecurity and shrinking nest eggs.

Oaxaca scheme

Building on Hornic's due diligence, Oaxaca proved a potentially attractive site for developing a prototype of what was initially called, when it first called me for advice in November 2008, "the retirement community." Perhaps this initial profile was intended to spark my primary interest without having to ask many difficult questions to answer. I signed it, and I have since enjoyed hosting David in our house, providing it to a number of professionals who can benefit from it to advance the project, and advise him regarding potential land plots.

Latin American sites have distinct advantages over Canadian and American future project sites. While staying in the north of Rio Grande may initially look attractive due to the language, ease of access to friends and family as well as return visits and cultural familiarity, Oaxaca has been chosen because of its unique set of advantages:

1) Road transport access is constantly being improved and improved through the costly road system in Mexico, which already extends from various locations along the American border directly to the city of Oaxaca; and through more convenient flight paths (such as the ability to avoid Mexico City using the non-stop continental service From Houston, Mexico from Los Angeles);

2) Its highly acceptable climate, 12 months a year, attractive on an individual level and for solar energy provision;

3) Proximity to Pacific Coast beach destinations such as Puerto Escondido and Huatulco;

4) A modest cost of living (i.e. employment, public transportation, entertainment, food and taxes) for the United States, Canada, and even the northern half of the country;

5) availability of plots of land at reasonable prices, sufficiently fertile and with sufficient rainfall and groundwater to support partial self-sufficiency in terms of agricultural production;

6) A number of prospective development sites to choose from, more than half an hour's drive from downtown Oaxaca, ensuring proximity to restaurants, cafes, galleries, museums and other cultural institutions, as well as healthcare professionals and hospital facilities;

7) The emerging expat community (including programs facilitated through the Oaxaca Lending Library in English) with support from Canadian and American consulates;

8) The locals who receive non-Mexicans, motivated by both recognition that Canadian and American immigration translate into more work and higher wages for a relatively low economy, and an innate desire to embrace foreigners with open arms;

9) Understanding by many professionals, craftsmen, businessmen, and the government what the project hopes to achieve, and the potential for growth more than that in other parts of the state.

Each of the "eco-village" sites identified on Hornick is equally attractive, meets all standards, and easily promotes a set of common goals. The development of San Juan del Estado consists of 25 acres, about 30 minutes from downtown Oaxaca, and San Lorenzo Cacutepec is located on an area of ​​75 acres and only 15 minutes from the city. Each is located about 10 minutes from the city of Etla, known for the bustling Wednesday market and the production of dairy products, especially the well-known Oaxacan cheeses (queso, and the most famous "chord cheese", known as quesillo).

Each of the projects will contain 30 separate homes with an area of ​​about 1,000 square feet, the shared house, protected corridors, green spaces and gardens, its own water and energy sources as well as a waste disposal facility, providing independence from the fluctuations of municipal, state and government facilities.

Hornic stresses that with more than 300 sunny days a year, communities will be able to generate and store electricity using light energy technology. Hot water will be produced using solar water heaters. Indoor temperatures will remain comfortable throughout the year using solar heating and cooling technologies – such as building locally mined stone walls (known as "cantera") or clay or mudbrick, depending on the relative direction of the sun and prevailing winds.

But self-sufficiency has its limits, and somewhat reliance on the broader Oaxacan community will be a staple. Hornic plans to develop relationships with residents of neighboring towns and villages interested in hiring as a housekeeper, gardeners and personal care assistants. In addition, there is a well-established practice in Oaxaca State, where arrivals involve locals in a common language arrangement, where informal meetings are held a few hours a week to help Oaxacans with their English and arrivals with Spanish.

Hornic confirms: "… both locations will receive health care services through home care professionals who will live on site and also via online video conferences with professionals at well-known centers of excellence." Several years ago, he was advancing his own medical practice along these lines. Of course, in the current world of technology he does not see distance, political boundaries, or differences in language and other aspects of culture as obstacles. "Of course there are challenges, but with perseverance they are easily overcome," he continues. "Look at where I was just a few months ago, with the idea and the index finger pointing to a strange location on the globe – and look at where we are now." Indeed, Hornick and his team of professionals (including Prometeo Sánchez Islas, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Oaxaca) continue to work hard on the project.

While visiting Oaxaca Hornick, she paid special attention to the cost of living index, to the point of depicting sales prices in the supermarket (which caught the attention of store management). He is currently trying to outline other costs such as transportation; medical insurance and other expenses; housekeeping, maintenance, landscaping, and gardening (although he believes it is important for residents to participate in these activities to exercise and maintain a sense of job and purpose). "I am trying to come up with a" soft "character to enable interested parties to determine whether they can survive on social security alone." Reassure. But one thing is for sure – the cost of living should be less than 50% than most of them live in the United States or Canada.


Hornick plans to start selling homes before the end of summer or perhaps to fall, with little discount for those who choose to get involved early in the project, as a sort of start in development. For him, and for most of his team, the motivation behind it is pure altruism, setting out a sense of urgency on the part of many Americans, Canadians, and even Mexicans, and being in an enviable position to be able to treat him this way. , Without a profit motive.

Meaning that he is a pioneer, he started with a dream for a better, more respectful, easier and more fulfilling life for others in a new environment, a virgin land to continue to borrow. He intends to put his roots in Oaxaca, practice medical practice, and encourage others of similar means to follow suit.

It was clearly different for those who have had the instinct and instinct to find something better for hundreds of years opening the American border. Today there are more necessities, but no gambling. After all, it shouldn't be too difficult to make a lifestyle decision Deciding on a new lifestyle, between $ 100,000 and $ 150,000 to create a good quality new home, in a safe and secure southern climate. Especially for those who were already thinking about change.


The family of Angeles-Mendoza Oksacan Mezqual produced in Santa Catarina Minas

1 Introduction

2. Historical background and material distinction in the traditional production of Accakan Mezkal

3. How angel still works

4. The Angel-Mendoza family standing in the face of adversity

5. Angeles-Mendoza Santa Catarina Minas Mezcal today and in the future

1 Introduction

The inconsistency is striking, between the baking dish in a primitive oven on the ground above the wood, and then crushed it using modern machinery, and finally distillation using pre-Hispanic tools and tools – pottery, reedwood and rivers. Some of Mezkal's producers in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, for example in Santa Catarina Minas and Sola de Vega, have already mixed with others.

But Felix Angeles Arelanes is one of the death dynasty of the Palenqueros who continues to make mezcal with almost any hint of modernity, preserving the greatest possible traditions. The end result, according to Angeles, makes it worthwhile. Indeed, the residents of Santa Catarina Minas, 41, are used to working with his colleague Palenqueiro in Minas that combines the usual means of production with the innovation of the industrial revolution. Not Angeles.

When Angelis and his wife Eras Mendoza Lopez separated and began their own palace in the city about 17 years ago, he returned to what he had learned from his father and grandfather:

"I could have saved up to buy a mash machine, or start using a horse or mule to pull the limestone wheel over Maggie to crush it, but this is what I learned, and this is how I will continue, as I hope my children and grandchildren will continue."

Usually, with the help of one to four of his nine children, he crushes his snorkel in a long, narrow basin of stone by hand using a four-foot-heavy, solid wood club made of logs or a branch in the hills outside Minas state. “To fill a bowl of 1,200 liters of pine with a baked solution, we start mashing around 4 am and end at about 2 pm,” he explains.

2. Historical background and material distinction in the traditional production of Accakan Mezkal

Angeles does not indicate that his distant ancestors made mezcal this way, only that his children now represent at least the fourth generation of palenqueros who continue to practice the family. Indeed, while some scholars, based on academic investigations including chemical waste analysis, indicate that indigenous peoples of Mexico began to distill before the conquest, the most accepted version of mezcal production is that it was the Spaniards who began distillation in Mexico in The middle of the sixteenth century, with the indigenous people following suit.

Horse species disappeared from the landscape in the Western Hemisphere about 9,000 years ago, and were not reintroduced until the arrival of the Spaniards. Consequently, there is no doubt that the most common process in towns and villages outside Oaxaca and along the secondary highways, a monster of the burden of crushing the baked agave, fermentation with a pincero and then distillation using copper vessels and tubes covered in brick (or stone), is a "modern" invention.

It is suggested that the use of crockery (ollas), reed river (carriso) and hard hammer (marros) is a local adaptation after the conquest, and may have continued until now; this in some cases does not represent a family tradition of centuries old, but represents a means of production Recently acquired. For example, families who live in Pueblo Viejo in the department of Mytika in Oaxaca began to produce mekkale using this method, in some cases less than a decade ago, which enabled them to become new entrepreneurs with very modest initial cash costs.

3. How angel still works

Even with regard to others who make mezcal using crockery and other locally produced tools in commerce, there are more subtle and deeper distinctions in this process. An analogy can be drawn between the fixed formation of Oaxacan copper, and the composition used in the state of Michoacán; both use metallic vessels, but in Michoacán, at least in some columns, the compound is composed of one unit, while in Oaxaca it represents two units. It comes to where and where the steam is condensed from the fermented mash in alcohol. The use of traditional copper still in Oaxaca is often explained, and it was distinguished from its counterpart in Michoacan.

Elngeles palenque consists of three basic images that work independently. It is distinct from some other "ollas de barro" panels that use one water cooling system.

A container of clay is placed in a container of stone and clay, with an opening for firewood. The second removable case is placed on top of it, opening from both ends. It has a small opening near the bottom, where a piece of karisu is inserted from the outside. Inside, a hollow piece of tree branch is placed across the bowl, at an angle pointing downward so that the narrow end leads to the hole, on the other side of which is the carriso. Above the top bowl there is a metal bowl with a hole near the top, attached to a piece of rubber hose on the outside.

When heated with firewood, the fermented liquid that is resting in the covered upper layer, evaporates, and ascends through the upper vessel. A cold water source constantly fills the metal container, which is "consumed" water that escapes from the rubber hose, then is recycled or used for irrigation. As the steam rises, it reaches the bottom of the cooling bowl, causing condensation. Then the liquid falls on the hollowed piece of wood, comes out of clay along the length of carisu, then falls in a bowl. The liquid is distilled a second time, producing a double distilled mezcal.

4. The Angel-Mendoza family standing in the face of adversity

The story of Angeles-Mendoza is comforting and pity: the first because it demonstrates the will to overcome adversity and pride in consistently maintaining the production of the mezcal group that was formulated by a unique ritual custom, resulting in subtle tones and nuances that are not often encountered; the latter Because of the bedding with death the family endured.

Engels became infected with cholera 20 years ago after consuming yogurt (Likuadu) prepared on the Okotlan Market, made of milk, bananas, and eggs, which he would have understood later was rancid. He began to learn how to make meskal at the age of seven, so at this point in his life, he was Maestro Palenqueiro. After a miracle recovery, he continued to produce mezcal with his father. Palenque was hiring a fellow producer, a common practice for many aghaf farmers until they had the resources to build their own facility. Payment under this arrangement is either cash or a percentage of collected mezcal.

"In those days, there was a lot of maguey marteño around, in addition to espadín cultivated, in addition to other types unheard of for most who drank mezcal." Continued:

"We used to mix everything we planted or bought, and sold everything at a specific price; but now, people pay a premium over mezcal made with other magueyes, especially rare items, so today I usually don't mix items. For example, regular customers will pay me more than 50% off mezcal made with pure marteño, instead of espadín. "

The mezcal market is not what it was a decade ago. About ten years ago, in an effort to better serve his growing family, Angels moved to Huntington Beach, California, where he worked on installing underground sprinkler systems. A year later, he was forced to return to Oaxaca after learning that his father was unable to work as a result of that bull had been hit in the leg. After a brief attempt to lead the American dream, with a reputation for mezcal and corresponding prices on the rise, Engels realized that his call was to continue to make mezcal; he stayed in Minas.

Life was progressing positively after Angelus' previous experience of dying. The family kept plots of land planted with corn, beans and pumpkin. It also preserved cactus fields. But in time, the size of the pine trees cut from the fields became smaller and smaller, until it was no longer economically viable to grow a family's cactus. "We then turned to corn in those fields, and in some cases we mixed with other crops, instead of continuing in the cactus," Angeles describes, then explains:

"We've been doing this this way for a few years now, and we're buying everything we have. Soon we hope we'll be able to grow on our soil as before; but you know, it takes several years for the maguey to mature so it can be used to produce mezcal, so This is a long-term plan. "

Expectations do not always turn out as expected. In December 2010, Engels' disease was diagnosed as a subdural hematoma, spent a month in hospital and more time at home recovering from bed, unable to work. His wife, Erais, was already working hard to raise her extended family and children between the ages of two and nineteen. The workload that already consists of eating lunch for the children still in school, helping with planted crops including producing greenhouse tomatoes, and washing clothes on a daily basis, has suddenly become more difficult. But the family endured, gathered, and at the right time the lost land was formed.

5. Angeles-Mendoza Santa Catarina Minas Mezcal today and in the future

Four sons of Velez Angel Arielanes and Eras Mendoza Lopez still go to school on a full-time basis, the youngest of whom is a primary school start-up group in 2013. It helps older adults in the palace need, and they gradually learn to trade. One is attending COBAO, which is a mix between public and private school systems for bright high school students with perceived academic potential. He has his eyes on a career in business administration.

One of the out-of-school children works in the greenhouse (a constant source of income for the family), and the other is in the fields including for other children in and around Minas State. But they all make themselves available to help with the various labor-intensive stages of mezcal production. Some will undoubtedly continue to imitate the family.

"It looks like there are more and more witches being bought in Oaxaca and transported to Jalisco, I can imagine Tequila produced," laments Angelis. "So every year I have to go farther and farther from Minas to buy."

Partially dictated by necessity and other market demand based on the recently rising mezcal star in the domestic market (Engels is not a member of COMERCAM, the federal mezcal regulator, and therefore cannot export), Engels buys what he can get, such as (some local names) arroqueño Marteño, espadin, bilia (tobalá), blanco, carne, and canastudo.

Many mezcal producers, marketers and retailers grumble when it comes to the idea of ​​barrel aging, and persistently insist that it leads to cheating and hiding the unique tones, flavors and nose of mezcales that are produced using different shackles grown in different climatic conditions and employing different production methods. Not Angeles:

“I prefer my blanco, especially since they are very different from mezcal of the copper product. But I enjoy the reposado, añejo or gusano archives once in a while. For me it is basically keeping supplies to my customers. I empty a barrel, then over a few months or Next year, I have nothing for the next customer who wants the old mezcal. That way at least I always have something. "

Angeles can save money to buy barrels, even additional pine tanks for brewing and other equipment needed to expand operations, be it to produce an old mezkal or simply increase Blanco's sales volume. But he is satisfied with the current work available to him and the level of production. It causes necessity not to exist, and whatever free time he manages to save him within a week, he cherishes it and does not want to lose it as a result of owning a bigger and more profitable one.

He is at a point in life where he never had to leave home to roam around. Buyers come from restaurants, hotels and mezcalerias in Oaxaca, as well as from Mexico City and other states across the country to buy mezcal for him. The quantities range from a few to a thousand liters at one time. Sometimes he does not have enough stock of mezcal to satisfy the demand. But Angeles takes everything in stride. After all, he has nine children and a wife who keep the family and family, and she already has two new decades in life.

Alvin Starkman, m.


Sea rafting holidays adventure in Milos, Greece

Kayaking in Milos, Greece is not only for those brave from the heart, but also for anyone dreaming of a surreal and magical experience. Milos Island, a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, welcomes tourists to unique Greece that is somewhat different but underground in its own way. Milos is famous for its statue of Aphrodite, the steep Tsigrado beaches, and a thermal spring spa in a cave in Adamas called "Ta loutra tou laikou." Milos offers truly unforgettable adventure holidays in Greece.

Being an island, Milos has about 70 beaches that vary from sandy Papafragas Beach, surrounded by rock walls, to Firiplaka Beach full of colorful rocks. Amidst the sunset and the watery blue sea color, it is the perfect place to wander, meditate, finish writing a book or enjoy the pleasure of adventure. Adventure on this island has a name, called "kayaking".

The best time for kayaking in Milos, Greece

The best time to paddle in Milos, Greece is from March to November. During this time, the sky is clear and blue like the sea, the water temperature and air are somewhat warm, and the sea is calm. The months from September to October are a good time for sea adventures, including swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

Milos kayaking adventure lies in the fact that it offers many opportunities to explore – explore the sea and landscape of Milos. Milos rowing is a renewed experience, especially since the soft and magical azure waters of the Aegean Sea have a simplistic and relaxing effect on the mind. The nearby uninhabited islands and intriguing volcanic landscapes lie simply in seeing and exploring them.

There are many options for kayaking available for beginners as well as professionals. From kayaking at a comfortable pace in a group to double kayaking, kayaking is at the heart of all adventure holidays in Greece.

There are different types of rowing packages available that vary from single and multiple day trips to more detailed Milos exploration packages, which include accommodations or bed and breakfast facilities. An adventure is a personal thing, and there are plenty of opportunities to create personal kayaking adventures here.

When not struggling with oars on the Aegean. Surrounded by this unique island in the shape of a horse shoe, there are Christian catacombs waiting to be seen, windmills on Tripiti to photograph, and authentic Greek cuisine to enjoy. Aside from kayaking in Milos, some other very popular activities include adventure rides on the beach, surfing, yachting, and simply enjoy every moment of adventure that begins with beautiful sunsets and ends with an amazing moon walking on the beach.


Patient experience full hip replacement surgery

The situation

You have recently had a full range of hip joints or as it is more commonly known for hip replacement.

I decided to tell about my experience as a patient in order to help other potential patients make a decision about whether they should go ahead and perform this particular process.

I am an active man over 65 years old and still working in the foreign yacht charter business and whenever possible, I walk my dog ​​regularly.

The pain in the right hip joint gradually crept into me until I asked my general practice to organize an X-ray. This showed some deterioration and arthritis in that hip, but he advised me to take some mild anti-inflammatory and not go any further at that point.

The naproxen that was prescribed for the pain was kept at the bottom but gradually over time this increased until I decided to feel another x-ray.

These X-rays showed a rapid deterioration of arthritis in this groin and as a result I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon.


He explained to me that what was going to happen in the operation warned me that there is a small percentage of difficulties and that I would have a little less movement in the hip after the operation, but it was encouraging for the quality and length of the new hip, so I decided to go ahead.

the operation

She got epidural in the spine and went to the operating room at about 8 pm on Thursday. I recovered by ten o'clock that evening and went back to the ward.

The next morning after breakfast the physiotherapist came to see me and took me out of bed and walked on crutches before lunchtime.

When the surgeon came to see me, he explained, in abnormal terms, that there was a direct connection between the thigh bone and the bone in my legs, which illustrated the pain I was suffering from. It was clear that there was no alternative but to implement this or a similar procedure.

On Sunday the next day, the physiotherapist made me walk more distances on crutches as well as up and down.

Physiotherapy continued on Monday and afternoon, I was able to go home.


I received some daily exercises and was advised not to drive for six weeks.

The essential parts of the equipment I needed during recovery were a straight back armchair to help me get up and down, a high toilet seat and a pressure care pillow to sit on.

For the next six weeks the main difficulty I had was sleeping as I found it very difficult to find a comfortable position in bed.

During this period, I followed the exercises I went to a weekly session with a physiotherapist and did some hydrotherapy. The only medication I took was some paracetamol as needed and some anticoagulant tablets.

After two weeks I managed to walk with only one crutch and after four weeks I didn't need crutches.


It has now been four months since I haven't had any painkillers in the last two months, I've been walking almost every day with a dog and I've been sailing on a yacht.

I am more active than I was several years ago and not aware of all the operations performed on the hip joint.

For anyone who has allowed the hip joint to degrade to the extent that it does, I highly recommend this procedure.

However, I still believe that natural remedies, weight control and diet can prevent or slow the onset of arthritis.


6 travel tips everyone should know

Several countries, thousands of endless flights and flights. This is the life of a travel writer, and he teaches you a lot of fair things. I would like to share some travel advice with you because I found it very useful on every trip I went to.

Be annoying

It's time to talk to different people. Waiter, concierge, bar staff or customers are sitting on the next table which looks good. Ask them what to see, and you'll find that people will love to share their tips and knowledge with you. Many people trust me feeling stressed, but start a random conversation and you are just a step near the next hidden gem.

Get out of bed

This is the hardest thing to handle, especially for those who like to stay in bed a little longer than usual. It is best to wake up early because there is a lot going on before lunchtime. So go out and head to dinner for breakfast in Washington or take the best beaches in Italy before the hordes of tourists get there. Trust me that you will not regret this. You can sleep as much as you want once you get home.

Keep charging your phone

There is nothing worse than lack of technology due to a dead battery. Keep a power bank with you so that you never lose the battery.

Join the Cloud

The iPhone doesn't deserve any value, and that's for one main reason: the pictures. Memories are the best thing to do on trips, and without them, the magic of going on a trip will be lost. Gone are the days you use to keep manual backup. Apple keeps you covered with iCloud, set up your cloud and access every photo and video from anywhere.

Remember your favorite

Remember this amazing restaurant went to the last time you visited New York four years ago? No? This is bad! Next time just ask your phone to remember it, in Google Maps, just type in the name of the place and press "Save". This method will help star it so you can always come back and verify it.

Holds money

From Amsterdam to Cambodia, short money is not easy. You will not find an ATM everywhere, and you cannot always use your debit / credit cards to pay for hotels, bars and restaurants. Carry emergency money around $ 150 in US dollars or the local currency of the destination you are visiting.


4 quick tips for increasing intimacy in a lesbian relationship

An intimate relationship is the best way to foster a deeper love for your partner. Lesbian couples generally have no difficulty in intimacy, but if you are looking to increase your intimacy, the following tips can help you achieve new levels of love and closeness.

First of all, women respond greatly to verbal touch and communication. When paired together, speaking kindly and touching can create sparks for each of the women involved. Gently rub your partner and give a sensual massage before bed. Sexuality does not have to be part of this, but touching it and telling it that you love it deeply is intimate enough to satisfy the need to feel love. Gentle massage and talk are one of the best ways to get great and caring attention. Intimate relationship does not have to include sexual activity, it can just be cuddling and spending quality time together.

If you work a lot and do not have enough time to spend together, consider a vacation. Once you can arrange a vacation, take one. Spending time together is very important. After weeks of not feeling lonely or intimate, both people will start to feel neglected and not feel love. Vacations are the greatest intimate builder, especially if spa or private services are involved in the resort. This would allow women to experience each other on their own, away from the “real world” pressures.

Having someone else's bed in bed is a great way to increase intimacy. Small things like this are an excellent way to surprise your lover and make her happy. Doing so lets her know that you care and happy to be with her. Even if you don't have breakfast in bed, having dinner in bed while watching a good alternative movie is to spend a romantic evening together. A meal preparation experience together at any time is a romantic experience, especially if you prepare a nice area in the kitchen and have a good meal together.

Keeping track of dates together is also an excellent way to build intimacy in your relationship. Going to a nice dinner or going to the show is a romantic and intimate way to spend time together. If you go to a live performing arts gallery, be sure to get special seats if possible. Doing things like this together can further enhance your relationship.

Building an intimate relationship in a relationship takes time and consideration. Husbands sometimes forget that they have emotional duties to fulfill toward important others, which hurt feelings. Intimate relationship is one of the best ways to spend a romantic time together and enjoy another company.


Romantic ways to suggest your girlfriend!

We all know that women dream about their big day from a very early age, some experts even say they are considering color schemes and flower arrangements while still drinking a fake cup of tea and playing clothes with their friends!

Well, it might be a slight exaggeration, but don't underestimate the amount of thought your girlfriend will put in this matter before marriage until she crosses your mind! For this reason, it is imperative that you come up with some kind of smart and skilful thinking to suggest it. Let's face it, the day you suggest is the second minute in the order of attacking the actual wedding day, wrong and the latter may never happen!

Recent studies have shown that in relation to marriage proposals, the idea really matters. Simply spending a lot of money on a flash restaurant or something similar sometimes just doesn't cut it off. Recent reports have shown that your girlfriend or partner will be moved and pulled more than your suggestion if she can see that you've thought about it a lot. Often times, a suggestion hidden and underestimating its effectiveness can be more than an exorbitant thing.

Needless to say, no one knows your girlfriend / partner as you know, therefore, your suggestion should be designed to suit her, for example if your girlfriend has dizziness, don't take her on a hot balloon trip to suggest … get to know your audience!

Here are a selection of the best ways to present your partner with her engagement ring.

1] A romantic weekend away for two.

It is always common to move your loved ones away to a romantic place like Paris or Venice for the weekend. Could this be the ideal preparation for this important question?

2] Meal at your favorite restaurant

If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, this might be a good place to suggest it, a place where you feel comfortable and hold good memories for both of you.

3] A letter in the local newspaper

A great way to "ask the question", a romantic suggestion in your local paper.

4] I suggest in the first place that you meet her

Now this may not be a good idea if you first meet in the queue at Burger King, but if the location is right, this is a sure way to win her heart.

5] Beach in a strange location

Clear blue water and white sand, you are on one knee as the sun goes down … can you refuse?

6] Romantic outing

Not recommended during the winter season! A romantic picnic offers simplicity and ingenuity but an effective way to handle things.

7] Christmas suggestion

Christmas suggestion has always been a popular one. Things like putting the ring in a Christmas break or replacing an angel or star on the tree with an engagement ring should work well.

8] Hot air balloon ride

Suggest to your partner while drifting across the horizon.

9] Birthday card

If it is your partner's birthday, take breakfast in bed with her birthday card. When the card opens, you will find a card that says Happy Birthday fiancée, when she gives her engagement ring.

10] One knee / rose in the mouth

The good old way, down one knee and a rose in your mouth

11] Motion on the radio

If you know that your partner will listen to the radio at a certain time, call your local station and suggest live.

12] Engrave a piece of jewelry

Buy your partner some new jewelry, maybe a watch or something similar; get the words "marry me" engraved on the jewelry.

13] He appears at work

A great way to suggest, come to your partner's office armed with champagne and engagement ring.

14] Message in a bottle

Many online companies offer this service. Get a message in a bottle delivered to your lover with your suggestion inside the bottle. Especially effective if you are working abroad or unable to be there in person

15] Bake the cake

Bake your partner bun with the words "You Will Marry Me" on top.

16] Make a mark

If you knew your girlfriend was traveling to work using the same path every day, then why not make a big sign that says "Do you marry me" and hang it on a nearby bridge or something similar?

17] With your family and friends

Organize a surprise party and invite all your family and friends, and suggest it to all of them.

18] On the big screen

If you are planning to attend a sporting event or something similar, arrange to display it on the big screen

19] On the bathroom mirror

A hidden way to ask the person you love to marry you. Run it with a gentle hot bath, making sure it's hot enough to generate enough steam to write "Marry Me" on the bathroom mirror.

20] Breakfast in bed

Take breakfast with your partner in bed and present the engagement ring with a rose and champagne.

21] Alphabety spaghetti

Fun and strange way to ask the question, make your partner lunch and invent the words "Will you marry me" in a pasta.

22] A sign in the sky

Arrange a trip with your partner, maybe even a walk. Have her watch the sky while flying an airplane by following the words "Will you marry me?"

23] Inside a Kinder egg

Carefully cut the good eggs with a knife and place the ring inside. Kindly heat the edges of the egg pieces and close. Is this definitely going to be the best surprise ever?

24] Jack in the box

Well, Jack might not be in the box, but he might be in the box. Look for a box big enough to fit inside. Go to your girlfriends work and let the receptionist go and tell your girlfriend that there is a big parcel waiting for her at the reception when she comes to the parcel she appears armed with a rose engagement ring.

25] Share her rings around

If your girlfriend or partner takes off her rings when she goes to bed, try switching the rings so that when she puts her jewelry in the morning, she finds a sparkling engagement ring instead of her usual jewelry.

26] Tattoo

Granted, this idea is there and there is quite wild, but if body art is your thing, this might be a great idea. Get a "will you marry me" tattoo somewhere on your body.

27] Fill the room with flowers

Make sure to finish the job before your partner and fill your house with flowers, and when you come home, you'll find you on one knee ready to ask the question.

28] A rose petal

Make a trail of rose petals leading to where you are on one knee with a rose in your mouth and the engagement ring in your hand.

29] Four balloons

In order to send four balloons to her office, the balloons should read "Will you marry me?" It might be better to take them there yourself.

30] A romantic poem

Come up with hearty and romantic words to melt her heart before proposing

31] Refrigerator magnets

Write the words "Will you marry me" on the refrigerator in the magnet?

32] Create a web page

Create a web page where you can share your love and life story together.

33] A special place

Many couples have their own place, and the great idea is to get them back there and present the engagement ring there.

34] Treasure hunt

Try and get your partner and a few friends to participate in the treasure hunt; I think we all know who will find the treasure and what the prize is!

35] Writing Heaven

Prepare for Sky Writing to clarify your suggestion while you're ready with the engagement ring below.

36] Inside the fortune cookie

Organize the message within the fortune cookie to be "you will marry me", you must be ready with your engagement ring.

37] Collar the puppies

Purchase a gorgeous little puppy and have an engagement ring tied to a bow around a dog collar. Remember the dog is for life not just for suggestions!

38] A romantic boat trip

If you're lucky enough to live near the ocean or the lake, take your partner on a romantic boat trip and suggest while drifting over the ocean.

39] Hide the ring inside a bun

Having an engagement ring inside the cake will always be a great surprise to your partner. Just make sure she doesn't swallow it.

40] Suggestion on Valentine's Day

Wait until Valentine's Day and use any of the above methods to ask which way you love to be your wife.

However, you plan to present a proposal to your partner, since showing that you have thought about this proposal and your effort is vital. It is important to try to understand how you think she would like to suggest it. If your partner is a totally shy person, the general suggestion or overestimate is probably not the best way to take it. Making your suggestion as personal and unique in your relationship as possible will show that you have spent the time and effort in it.

Once you decide how and when it will suggest you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Now we all know that Diamonds are a woman's best friend, so it would be best to shop for the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.