On our next trip – Why should we stay in a bed and breakfast?

Why do you stay in bed and breakfast anyway?

Good question … why do you have to think of "bed and breakfast" versus other places to stay … after all, it seems like the last place you stayed … ok! Moreover, there are a lot of hotels or motels that you turn to … or along the way … You can easily choose one of them … right?

Sure … sure … I was asking myself every time I / we were about to travel for work and / or pleasure … or … even when we decided to go in Self Weekend bonus "go trip" … so when we looked more at staying at the B&B, we discovered some interesting things.

For example, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts to choose from now … When we first started searching, the choice of bed and breakfast type of B&B, room availability, price, amenities, etc. was very limited.

There are a lot of them now, so when we decided where we wanted to go … and if We wanted to stay at the B&B … well, there was usually one near by.

Also, we discovered that just like in any other traditional place to stay (like this hotel or hotel), B & Bs differ depending on what they had to offer … it all depends on what we were looking for or what we wanted!

Now you can usually find one almost anywhere you decide to travel or need.

Since we're talking about where the bed and breakfast is, let me pass along this advice … the fastest way to locate a bed and breakfast on the Internet … many homes have internet connection these days (or home owners can easily access the network) .. So when choosing where to go / visit … there will be opportunities in the area.

… interesting … but!

All of this is interesting, but if you are like me, you still need strong reasons to stay at the bed and breakfast for your next vacation, family gathering, business trip or something else!

As anyone knows (especially those browsing the internet), there are many articles on the internet about travel … and a lot about B & Bs … including basic "at home" B & Bs to previous palaces … more palaces Previous, where families are already living … now converted to a B&B.

However, most of these articles (and often video) tell you the great time that you and your family, friends, friends, etc. will spend if you stay at bed and breakfast (and you will probably do) … Plus, keep track of all these wonderful things it offers B&B!

Although all of these articles (and / or videos) are basically ads trying to persuade you to stay there when visiting the area.

Why write about B & Bs?

My wife and I live in the Atlanta area of ​​Georgia and we have a bed and breakfast "at home" … Now we love to come and live with us, but we know this will never happen … and that's fine, because you "do or not"" Staying with us (or at B & B) you can still benefit from this article.

It is written so that when you make the next trip, no matter where you travel … you will consider staying in the bed and breakfast, especially if you have not stayed on one trip before!

For us, we find a bed and breakfast wherever we travel and stay there … so I highly recommend them.

Additionally, although the economy is not as good as it was in the past, people still travel (and travel a lot), whether for work or pleasure … especially on vacation days family reunions.

So, we hope this article (Traveler / Tourists) will make you realize that there are other places to stay in previously, that you may have overlooked.

No matter where you go and no matter why you go there, just keep in mind that there are many good reasons for staying at bed and breakfast … reasons I would be glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the reasons are not my reason … they did not think about it … rather they went through the guests, who have stayed with us over the years … and have come up with some good ones!

If I can get any help or more information, just contact me … and remember this:

Thinking about staying in a B&B on that next trip … you will be delighted that you did!