A Prodigal Inn & Gallery, Bethel Maine

What Tom and Marcy White observers had to move from Texas to Bethel, Maine to open a unique inn, A Prodigal Inn & Gallery, is the question I recently asked this charming couple.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bethel, this small village is located in the western mountains of Maine, 70 miles from Portland. Since its settlement in 1768, its population in about 2360, including the surrounding school district communities, has remained completely stable. However, during peak seasons it swells to around 6000.

It is worth noting that this scenic area in the heart of Western Maine is conveniently located for the famous Sunday River Ski Resort, as well as skiing, hunting, tubes, snowboarding, fishing, hiking, antiques, kayaking, canoeing, Golf, historical research, and do not forget the brilliance of falling foliage.

Marcy explained to me that when she and Tom moved to Maine, they were trying to find a way in which Tom could leave the building / carpentry field and focus only on his artistic career. Apparently, about ten years ago, Tom discovered that he possessed an innate artistic talent for sculpture and painting. Very surprisingly, Tom is an artist studying himself – hardly took a lesson!

Their goal was to find a property that would allow them to find a hostel and at the same time a place to showcase Tom’s artwork.

The result was the purchase of a historic property from 1813 that Tom unreasonably renovated in a magnificent inn with a neighboring art studio. Before she ran the hostel, Marcy had experience in the food and service industries and was therefore able to transfer her skills easily.

The name of the most bizarre inn is decorated after the magnificent brunge of Jr. and Tom’s message reflects his message. The guests hope that the guests will have the same welcome as shown in the statue and story.

Initially, the property was owned by one of the Beetle’s founding fathers, the Twitchell family, which had been the owner for nearly 150 years. For twenty years before the ownership of Marcy and Tom, the hostel has been described as a “bed and breakfast in West Maine.” However, it was only composed of six rooms with one shared bathroom and kitchen privileges.

Today, six guest rooms deserve the highest grades because of their journey and elegant décor, each with private bathrooms, some with jacuzzi tubs. The rooms are named after the innkeepers kids and grandson. According to Marcy, they adopted their characters to reflect their favorite colors.

Prevailing throughout the inn is peace and quiet. We also found the rooms to be unified and exude a lot of warmth and style.

Upon entering the hostel’s living room, we were immediately taken with unique original bronze sculptures. Marcy explained to us that guests are welcome to see this “world-class sculptor” as he creates his masterpieces. We didn’t take it long to take it on the show and we visited the adjacent studio that was created in a nearby refurbished barn.

Tom’s artistic inspiration undoubtedly was enhanced by the stunning scenery surrounding the inn with its lawns, nearby rivers and ponds (the inn is located across the Androskogen River) and mountains.

Nor is it surprising that this inn is popular for couples celebrating intimate weddings on the gazebo located inside the hotel’s stunning permanent gardens.

By the way, private hiking trails lead to the front door of the inn, and there is access to snowboarding and snowboarding systems.

During the fall and winter seasons, when the weather is nice, there is nothing that can sit in front of the wood-burning stove in the hostel to enjoy the afternoon tea and delicious cookies that Marcy is preparing for her guests.

When the weather permits, you can sit in Gazebo Park after a pleasant walk in the woods and perhaps discover a deer or pick berries.

Marcey Restaurant serves a delicious breakfast in the dining room with a wide range of goodies from juices, cereals, breads and eggs to virtually anything you desire.

Eating romantic food

Through our travels, my wife and I have noticed that each city has one restaurant that the city’s residents consider “more than others”. This is the case with one of the selected Bethel restaurants, The Sudbury Inn. The restaurant is located in a hostel dating back to 1873.

You know you are in a real experience when you look at the menu with countless options from Phil Picata, Sol Florentine, Sicilian Chicken, Maine Build Lobster, Red Snapper Al Pomodro to Beef Tornedos.

Owners Bill and Nancy White owners built their reputation by providing the best possible personalized service with a creative menu.

Another option for Bethel residents is The Bethel Inn & Country Club, where after lunch you can enjoy playing lunch or dinner in the club’s dining room.
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