50 ways to take care of yourself

It is important to be able to do what you can feel comfortable on a daily basis. You do not depend on others because you can take care of yourself. When you are self-care, you are not selfish. In fact, when you feel good, you have more to offer others. The following suggestions will help you learn about the healthy ways you can present yourself.

Place a checkmark next to the things you want to do to feed yourself.

___ 1. Take a bubble bath

___ 2. I buy myself roses

___ 3. Take a sauna

___ 4. Get a massage

___ 5. Take a shower by candle light

___ 6. Have breakfast in bed

___ 7. Go to the pet store and play with the animals

___ 8. Visit the zoo

___ 9. Walking on a scenic road

___ 10. Stop and smell the flowers

___ 11. You have a manicure or pedicure

___ 12. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

___ 13. Watch the sunset

___ 14. Relax with a good book and / or calm music

___ 15. I start the stove myself

___ 16. Play my favorite music and dance to it myself

___ 17. Go to bed early

___ 18. Sleeping outside under the stars

___ 19. Stay in bed all day when I'm fine

___ 20. Fix a special dinner just for me and eat by candlelight

___ 21. Participate in my favorite sport

___ 22. Go for a walk

___ 23. Walking in the rain

___ 24. Run on the beach

___ 25. Take a scenic drive

___ 26. Meditation

___ 27. Buy new pants

___ 28. Browse in a book or book store for as long as I want

___ 29. I buy myself a stuffed and liked animal

___ 30. I am writing a love letter and mailing it

___ 31. Ask a special person to look after me (examples: feeding, cuddling, read to me)

___ 32. I buy something special that I can handle

___ 33. Go watch a good movie or show

___ 34. Go to the park and feed the ducks, swing on the swing, etc.

___ 35. Visit the museum or any other interesting place

___ 36. Go to the harbor and listen to the boats

___ 37. You have a face

___ 38. I give myself a face

___ 39. Enter a hot tub or Jacuzzi

___ 40. Record a confirmation bar

___ 41. Write down my goals

___ 42 Call an old friend

___ 43. Bake or cook something special

___ 44. Go shopping in a window

___ 45. Buy a meditation tape

___ 46. Listen to the positive stimulus tape

___ 47. I am writing in my own book all my victories for today

___ 48. Gently apply lotion all over my body

___ 49. Call a new support friend

___ 50. I tell myself all the things I appreciate and love about me, and I give myself a big hug.

Now that you know what you want to do, plan your schedule specifically when will you do the things you selected. You deserve to feel good!