Depression and breakfast – do cereals for breakfast keep you depressed?

Not so long ago, on the advice of naturopath, I tried the low mix of GI with almond milk for breakfast. Presumably healthy right? For the next few hours I felt like I was fighting to stop drowning. My feelings were immersed in the darkest depths they had lived in for many years. If I hadn't realized what I would normally feel in the morning (when I don't take cereal for breakfast) I would have been ready to crawl to bed for a few days to hide, or worse … Fortunately, the feeling passed by midday and I was back to my normal self.

When I eat cereal for breakfast, it makes me depressed. How does the doctor not know to tell me that? I haven't eaten cereals for breakfast for more than 6 years. No porridge, not low GI Morusine, no chips, biscuits or bubbles. Just 3 generations ago, there was no such thing as breakfast cereals, but now most people cannot imagine what you can eat at breakfast if you cannot eat something in a container that has white liquid on it.

I would not suggest that everyone skips cereals for breakfast (although I may justify it). The important thing is to know what works for you. Some people make the best time for protein, while others contain carbohydrates. Try something different for a few days and see if depression elevates.

You may notice the difference right away and never want to return. Take a note of check-in with yourself throughout the morning. Set an appointment on your calendar or set an alarm on your watch to remind you to see how you work. Also ask the people you spend time with in the morning to notice if you look different too.

So what can you eat instead of cereal for breakfast? Many cultures around the world do not contain breakfast cereals. Instead they have something to eat that would eat at any other time of the day. For example, large sums were left from the previous night, baked beans, steamed broccoli, tuna salad, tofu and leafy greens, and even omelettes included vegetables. And no, two pieces of toast or raspberry pie are not good alternatives. We aim for good protein sources.

How about asking friends about ideas? Do you know anyone from non-western backgrounds? If so, ask them what they eat for breakfast – there are many cultures around the world that do not take breakfast from a box, so there must be answers to it.

But how long does it take to prepare something other than cereal for breakfast? For lifestyle 9-5, being able to throw something into a container put white liquid on it and then bolt the door saves time in the morning. My question is: How important is your health to you? Well, I will stop preaching from above. Time is a consideration in the morning and I imagine having to find something for children as well as only increases pressure. How about a large skillet of scrambled eggs, a bowl of beans, or a large salad with sausage?

What about the extra cost? The pills are cheap but you get what you pay for. Are you currently paying for depression medication? If you can reduce or eliminate your medication by changing what you eat for breakfast, you'll free up some money to buy high-quality food instead.

If you are eating protein breakfast, what about calcium from milk? So, the dairy industry is convinced that you can't get enough calcium from other sources, right? If you want to try a cereal breakfast for a few days, try eating it at the last meal of the day instead. I know it might seem like your back is in college and he has nothing else to eat, but if you work well with high protein in the morning, it might also be best to eat carbohydrates at night. Try it and see – kids will love Grandma.

Remember, it is about discovering what works for you. We have all the different types of metabolism that require different proportions of proteins and carbohydrates at different times of the day. By changing our diet and noticing the difference in how we feel, we can find out what is right for each of us.