Agriturismo holidays in Italy

For some people, the ideal vacation can be summed up as: getting to the airport, checking out a luxury hotel, spending the rest of the time in the pool or the beach with the latest bestseller. This may be a good way to relax and unwind in a disorganized and unhelpful time, but it always seems to me that it is a waste of time, especially when you are a foreign country. I don't defend the race around museums or culturally worthy sights, especially when it's hot and it faces queues and children crossing, but maybe there is a way to get the best of both worlds.

In Italy, one way to experience, cook and live the true taste of a country is to reserve yourself Agriturismo. This translates roughly as a "farm vacation", but the type of vacation stay you find can vary from simple and rural to a level of sophistication that equates to any five-star hotel.

Down on the farm?

In order to formally qualify for "agricultural tourism" status in Italy, the place must actually be an existing farm or agricultural activity of some kind. There may not be livestock necessarily, it can grow grapes for wine, organic food, make olive oil etc., but there must be a direct link to agriculture. to Agriturismo They should also try to offer their guests typical local food in the area, and the goods for sale in the farm store must also be produced by the farm itself.

Being Italy, the original definition of real farm board and housing is a little bit more now, how do I put it, and apply it flexibly, at least by the residence providers. Anything may be offered to you from a room with meals (or without) to a complete farm with additional activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, wine tasting, cookery, or courses in ceramics or ceramics. A search on the Internet will reveal a wide range of hotels with rural accommodations, breakfasts, villas and self-catering apartments mixed with old farms, all under the comprehensive title agriturismi. Read the descriptions carefully to see what is shown. You may find that a boutique country house or b & b may be just what you are after trying the full farm.

Food is glorious food (and wine!)

to Agriturismo Vacation can be a great way to try another side of Italy. Of course, staying in a hot tourist area like the heart of Florence or Rome is unforgettable and enjoyable. But just imagine an alternative, where a stroll along Strada Bianca (The unleaded road) can lead you to a small rural village or a local festival – with villagers' food and wine for a few euros – with music and dance. Perhaps this white road leads you to the market, where you can buy slices of slow pork bread with fennel, a kilo of freshly picked peaches and a bottle of local wine to enjoy later on your balcony.

a lot agriturismi The owners will not be very happy to advise you on how to make the best use of your stay, suggest informal restaurants (managed by their cousins ​​or their friends or their friends from friends) that you will not find otherwise, or arrange wine tasting or even taste olive oil. Yes, it does exist – you drink fresh green hot oil from small or small cups or from wrinkling between your thumb and thumb!

Two to try in Tuscany

There are a number of websites which groups are collected from Agriturismo Accommodation One of these is Landscape Properties, which has more than 3000 vacation accommodation providers in its database. You can search by accommodation type, location, vacation type or budget, then book directly with the owners.

Here are some examples from Tuscany. The first Agriturismo Ardene is a stone's throw from the medieval town of Montpulciano (famous for its wine) and full of traditional Tuscan features: terracotta floors, chestnut beams and, of course, fantastic views. This is an example of a real farm with recently restored animals on a very high standard.

The second is Tenimenti della Spinosa, on the borders of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio in the beautiful Maremma region, and it offers self-catering apartments in a series of farms spread over an area of ​​80 hectares (200 acres). The farm has its own 20-acre DOC vineyard, so you'll be fine with wine!

If you look at these properties, you'll see that while they preserve the character of the original farms, they also provide swimming pools, internet connection, jacuzzi and all the other modern amenities that you might have thought you would give up if you stayed on an Italian farm.

Giving up sun loungers by the hotel pool will not be a sacrifice.