Six inexpensive and creative ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, a day that puts fear in the hearts of men every year. Each year, prepare yourself for the next year; you are going to do something different. If you still don't have any creative ideas for a special surprise, don't panic. Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas (many inexpensive) that are sure to please your love on that special day.

Balloon surprise

This one will require handwritten notes for your Valentine's Day. Phrases like "I love you", "Thank you for being you", or "You mean to me more than anything else" are good and sayings that have a special meaning only for you. You can write short memories of fun things you did together, an unforgettable vacation or a special moment that you shared, such as the birth of a child. Once you get the written notes, cut them into small sections. Make sure that each note is small enough to be folded and placed in a balloon. You can buy a small helium tank and balloons at most party stores. Take a balloon, enter a note in it, and then blow it up. When Valentine's Day returns home, ask each balloon to read the love letter.

Repeat your first date

Unless it is just a complete disaster, your first date is likely to be of emotional value to you and your loved ones. What is the best surprise on Valentine's Day there can be a re-creation of the first date, the time when you fell in love? Go to the same restaurant, rent the first movie you watched together, and make her dance on the same bar – everything she did on that first date, made it happen again. Even if it is a disaster, you can recreate it and make it better the second time around.

Flight getaway

This amount will need more money and a little preparation, but it sure is fun for both of you. Secret weekend plan. If you have children, arrange nannies without telling your love about them. Book airline tickets, make a reservation at the hotel, and when she revolves on Friday, he surprised her by packing her bags, ready to go. Las Vegas is a great escape destination. You can also renew your promises in a fun atmosphere, such as a wedding chapel containing an impersonated Elvis celebrating. If you can't afford a big trip, book a weekend bed and breakfast a short drive away. The getaway with just two of you will be fun no matter where you go.

Special songs

Here is an inexpensive way to show that you remember these special love songs. Make a CD of songs that have special memories for you and your love. You can do this on your computer using iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you don't already have the songs on CD, you can download them from places like Amazon, or iTunes for as little as $ 1 each. Every time you hear this disc, you will think about it!

Romance Junk Hunt

Buy small gifts such as a bag of candy, a bottle of her favorite perfume or one rose. Then create some of your gifts like a handwritten poem, a CD of special songs, or a handcrafted Valentine's Day card. Write the clues that will be attached to each gift, and tell her where to find the next present. Make your last present something long-lasting like a picnic dinner, or a bottle of champagne hidden near a fireplace or underwear in the bedroom.

Fun chocolate

If you like chocolate, this might be a very interesting and exciting idea. Make a bunch of chocolate pudding and feed them together sitting next to the fireplace. You might want to put a blanket or something on the floor if it turns into a fun food battle. For spices, remove one article of clothing every time you feed your loved ones and ask them to do the same. This may also result in a romantic shower for two, so keep the candles ready in the bathroom.

As you can see from these ideas, Valentine's Day does not need to be anything extravagant. It takes very little effort and creativity on your part, and you can turn this Valentine's Day into a day that special someone will remember forever!