Romantic ways to suggest your girlfriend!

We all know that women dream about their big day from a very early age, some experts even say they are considering color schemes and flower arrangements while still drinking a fake cup of tea and playing clothes with their friends!

Well, it might be a slight exaggeration, but don't underestimate the amount of thought your girlfriend will put in this matter before marriage until she crosses your mind! For this reason, it is imperative that you come up with some kind of smart and skilful thinking to suggest it. Let's face it, the day you suggest is the second minute in the order of attacking the actual wedding day, wrong and the latter may never happen!

Recent studies have shown that in relation to marriage proposals, the idea really matters. Simply spending a lot of money on a flash restaurant or something similar sometimes just doesn't cut it off. Recent reports have shown that your girlfriend or partner will be moved and pulled more than your suggestion if she can see that you've thought about it a lot. Often times, a suggestion hidden and underestimating its effectiveness can be more than an exorbitant thing.

Needless to say, no one knows your girlfriend / partner as you know, therefore, your suggestion should be designed to suit her, for example if your girlfriend has dizziness, don't take her on a hot balloon trip to suggest … get to know your audience!

Here are a selection of the best ways to present your partner with her engagement ring.

1] A romantic weekend away for two.

It is always common to move your loved ones away to a romantic place like Paris or Venice for the weekend. Could this be the ideal preparation for this important question?

2] Meal at your favorite restaurant

If you and your partner have a favorite restaurant, this might be a good place to suggest it, a place where you feel comfortable and hold good memories for both of you.

3] A letter in the local newspaper

A great way to "ask the question", a romantic suggestion in your local paper.

4] I suggest in the first place that you meet her

Now this may not be a good idea if you first meet in the queue at Burger King, but if the location is right, this is a sure way to win her heart.

5] Beach in a strange location

Clear blue water and white sand, you are on one knee as the sun goes down … can you refuse?

6] Romantic outing

Not recommended during the winter season! A romantic picnic offers simplicity and ingenuity but an effective way to handle things.

7] Christmas suggestion

Christmas suggestion has always been a popular one. Things like putting the ring in a Christmas break or replacing an angel or star on the tree with an engagement ring should work well.

8] Hot air balloon ride

Suggest to your partner while drifting across the horizon.

9] Birthday card

If it is your partner's birthday, take breakfast in bed with her birthday card. When the card opens, you will find a card that says Happy Birthday fiancée, when she gives her engagement ring.

10] One knee / rose in the mouth

The good old way, down one knee and a rose in your mouth

11] Motion on the radio

If you know that your partner will listen to the radio at a certain time, call your local station and suggest live.

12] Engrave a piece of jewelry

Buy your partner some new jewelry, maybe a watch or something similar; get the words "marry me" engraved on the jewelry.

13] He appears at work

A great way to suggest, come to your partner's office armed with champagne and engagement ring.

14] Message in a bottle

Many online companies offer this service. Get a message in a bottle delivered to your lover with your suggestion inside the bottle. Especially effective if you are working abroad or unable to be there in person

15] Bake the cake

Bake your partner bun with the words "You Will Marry Me" on top.

16] Make a mark

If you knew your girlfriend was traveling to work using the same path every day, then why not make a big sign that says "Do you marry me" and hang it on a nearby bridge or something similar?

17] With your family and friends

Organize a surprise party and invite all your family and friends, and suggest it to all of them.

18] On the big screen

If you are planning to attend a sporting event or something similar, arrange to display it on the big screen

19] On the bathroom mirror

A hidden way to ask the person you love to marry you. Run it with a gentle hot bath, making sure it's hot enough to generate enough steam to write "Marry Me" on the bathroom mirror.

20] Breakfast in bed

Take breakfast with your partner in bed and present the engagement ring with a rose and champagne.

21] Alphabety spaghetti

Fun and strange way to ask the question, make your partner lunch and invent the words "Will you marry me" in a pasta.

22] A sign in the sky

Arrange a trip with your partner, maybe even a walk. Have her watch the sky while flying an airplane by following the words "Will you marry me?"

23] Inside a Kinder egg

Carefully cut the good eggs with a knife and place the ring inside. Kindly heat the edges of the egg pieces and close. Is this definitely going to be the best surprise ever?

24] Jack in the box

Well, Jack might not be in the box, but he might be in the box. Look for a box big enough to fit inside. Go to your girlfriends work and let the receptionist go and tell your girlfriend that there is a big parcel waiting for her at the reception when she comes to the parcel she appears armed with a rose engagement ring.

25] Share her rings around

If your girlfriend or partner takes off her rings when she goes to bed, try switching the rings so that when she puts her jewelry in the morning, she finds a sparkling engagement ring instead of her usual jewelry.

26] Tattoo

Granted, this idea is there and there is quite wild, but if body art is your thing, this might be a great idea. Get a "will you marry me" tattoo somewhere on your body.

27] Fill the room with flowers

Make sure to finish the job before your partner and fill your house with flowers, and when you come home, you'll find you on one knee ready to ask the question.

28] A rose petal

Make a trail of rose petals leading to where you are on one knee with a rose in your mouth and the engagement ring in your hand.

29] Four balloons

In order to send four balloons to her office, the balloons should read "Will you marry me?" It might be better to take them there yourself.

30] A romantic poem

Come up with hearty and romantic words to melt her heart before proposing

31] Refrigerator magnets

Write the words "Will you marry me" on the refrigerator in the magnet?

32] Create a web page

Create a web page where you can share your love and life story together.

33] A special place

Many couples have their own place, and the great idea is to get them back there and present the engagement ring there.

34] Treasure hunt

Try and get your partner and a few friends to participate in the treasure hunt; I think we all know who will find the treasure and what the prize is!

35] Writing Heaven

Prepare for Sky Writing to clarify your suggestion while you're ready with the engagement ring below.

36] Inside the fortune cookie

Organize the message within the fortune cookie to be "you will marry me", you must be ready with your engagement ring.

37] Collar the puppies

Purchase a gorgeous little puppy and have an engagement ring tied to a bow around a dog collar. Remember the dog is for life not just for suggestions!

38] A romantic boat trip

If you're lucky enough to live near the ocean or the lake, take your partner on a romantic boat trip and suggest while drifting over the ocean.

39] Hide the ring inside a bun

Having an engagement ring inside the cake will always be a great surprise to your partner. Just make sure she doesn't swallow it.

40] Suggestion on Valentine's Day

Wait until Valentine's Day and use any of the above methods to ask which way you love to be your wife.

However, you plan to present a proposal to your partner, since showing that you have thought about this proposal and your effort is vital. It is important to try to understand how you think she would like to suggest it. If your partner is a totally shy person, the general suggestion or overestimate is probably not the best way to take it. Making your suggestion as personal and unique in your relationship as possible will show that you have spent the time and effort in it.

Once you decide how and when it will suggest you find the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Now we all know that Diamonds are a woman's best friend, so it would be best to shop for the perfect Diamond Engagement Ring.