Sea rafting holidays adventure in Milos, Greece

Kayaking in Milos, Greece is not only for those brave from the heart, but also for anyone dreaming of a surreal and magical experience. Milos Island, a volcanic island in the Aegean Sea, welcomes tourists to unique Greece that is somewhat different but underground in its own way. Milos is famous for its statue of Aphrodite, the steep Tsigrado beaches, and a thermal spring spa in a cave in Adamas called "Ta loutra tou laikou." Milos offers truly unforgettable adventure holidays in Greece.

Being an island, Milos has about 70 beaches that vary from sandy Papafragas Beach, surrounded by rock walls, to Firiplaka Beach full of colorful rocks. Amidst the sunset and the watery blue sea color, it is the perfect place to wander, meditate, finish writing a book or enjoy the pleasure of adventure. Adventure on this island has a name, called "kayaking".

The best time for kayaking in Milos, Greece

The best time to paddle in Milos, Greece is from March to November. During this time, the sky is clear and blue like the sea, the water temperature and air are somewhat warm, and the sea is calm. The months from September to October are a good time for sea adventures, including swimming, snorkelling and kayaking.

Milos kayaking adventure lies in the fact that it offers many opportunities to explore – explore the sea and landscape of Milos. Milos rowing is a renewed experience, especially since the soft and magical azure waters of the Aegean Sea have a simplistic and relaxing effect on the mind. The nearby uninhabited islands and intriguing volcanic landscapes lie simply in seeing and exploring them.

There are many options for kayaking available for beginners as well as professionals. From kayaking at a comfortable pace in a group to double kayaking, kayaking is at the heart of all adventure holidays in Greece.

There are different types of rowing packages available that vary from single and multiple day trips to more detailed Milos exploration packages, which include accommodations or bed and breakfast facilities. An adventure is a personal thing, and there are plenty of opportunities to create personal kayaking adventures here.

When not struggling with oars on the Aegean. Surrounded by this unique island in the shape of a horse shoe, there are Christian catacombs waiting to be seen, windmills on Tripiti to photograph, and authentic Greek cuisine to enjoy. Aside from kayaking in Milos, some other very popular activities include adventure rides on the beach, surfing, yachting, and simply enjoy every moment of adventure that begins with beautiful sunsets and ends with an amazing moon walking on the beach.