What is the mother who will do but enjoy her day

Although observation of Mothers Day in the United States was started by Julia Ward Howe in 1872 and turned into a festive day through the efforts of Anna Jarvis in 1907, it was the idea to celebrate Mothers Day. Today came into being, not for the mothers of our species, but for the sake of Greek deity. During the period of antiquity, Rhea was the mother of the gods of the Greeks as would be the sibel of the Romans.
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In our house, my husband started Mothers Day celebrations thirty-eight years ago, and to this day, he is the person who leads the celebrations. Such cases make male dominance so happy to live with. Perhaps male domination and instinct of mothers have been declared myths of our time, but mothers’ not only celebrations of the day, but also take on a different commercial development every year.
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For me, just being recognized as someone’s mother and appreciated by my partner for being a mother makes mothers a very special day of celebration, especially if among the gifts I get a sincere hug.
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With my kids, gifts started with handcrafted cards, hastily collected gifts, toasted breakfast in bed, and I slowly graduated into the finest things, materials bought from the store, specially made greeting cards, flowers and chocolates always from my husband. However, no matter how my gift turns, the memories of toddlers and little boys who try hard to please the mother with encouragement from their father always remain the most memorable event for any mother in my memory.
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There is no doubt about celebrating one’s love for the mother or the mother’s love for her family. Since science nullifies maternal instinct, maternal love may be learned behavior, but it is still a highly respected asset and badly needed for the survival of human societies. Accordingly, the positive advantages of maternity are not only confined to biological mothers, but are also restricted to wives mothers and mothers in law and anyone who hired someone.
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For this reason, when I bought gifts for my mother on Mothers’ day, I bought gifts similar to my uncle who did not give birth to me and who also conceived me, and when I called my mother on Mother’s Day, I used to call my aunt as well, when both women were alive. What is the woman who will not be satisfied with her appreciation?
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Not only mothers, but in general, all women nourish and strengthen the moral fibers of the human family; therefore, it is a great honor to officially recognize the interested side of any woman on Mother’s Day.
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Happy Mother’s Day everyone!