Miniature Artist from Oaxaca, Mexico: Miguel Angel Martínez Reyes is magnificently enlarging

Although he carved miniature miniatures of 1 mm size, the time when the folk artist of Oaxacan Miguel Angel Martínez Reyes used a magnifying glass that was when displaying his impressive artwork to the public. "I have excellent eyesight, I rarely work with artificial light, and the exception is when I'm under arms to complete a piece with a certain deadline, which happens infrequently," explains Martinez Reyes one morning while we eat breakfast with fellow artist Dolores Leycegui. "My work is so small and detailed that sometimes people ask if I have a magnifying glass to help them better appreciate my art, so I started bringing one to my opponents," he continues.

The 34-year-old demonstrated his art as far away as Treviso, Italy; as well as in Mexico City, Oaxaca and the hometown of Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz. The Italian Museum Gallery 2013 was part of a global tribute to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. He donated his creativity, sculpted in miniature from Kahlo and Diego Rivera made of wood from the pochote tree, to the museum, as a sign of gratitude for his invitation.

"I work with wood from the tree tree because it is soft, but for me the bone is more elegant although it is more difficult and time consuming; when I had been assigned to perform a certain piece, or if I had a particular subject that looked after himself and explained Martinez Reyes:

Martinez Reyes has far beyond what he can remember. But when he was nine years old while climbing pochote trees with his friends, he noticed the eccentric knot, texture, color in the trunk and tree branches.

Sizing poets with his friends provided the initial inspiration for creating miniatures. He continued carving, making pieces with more details as he got older. Out of economic necessity, he stopped working for two years of his employment to the United States. Realizing that the "American Dream" was likely to continue evading him, he returned to Wahaca. On his return when he was about 19 years old, he started using beef bone as his preferred medium. From that point onwards, Martinez Reyes realized that sculpture would be his vocation in life.

Only the extent of his imagination restricts the topic of the work of Martinez Reyes, although women provide his strongest stimulus. "I hold women in the highest esteem, and therefore I respect and appreciate them; after all, the woman gave me life, so how can I think otherwise", asks a letter. He talks about the topic of Mother Earth in some of his works, which bear the fruits of life.

The wizard from Whittle carefully caulked in the backpack and carefully removes his work. Sitting in his hands, as if ready to reveal delicate flower petals in a number of pieces. It includes a mermaid, as well as two indigenous women kneeling at work both carved from the pochote. There is also a bone cut with religious images. His 1 mm work is the cradle scene, each figure carved on the top of a toothpick.

"I still work with pochote, as well as with rice, cypress, other woods, and even fruit seeds," he continues, showing me two sculptures in peach pits. "The Martínez Reyes Media Collection also includes pits of other fruits including tamarind and maami, coconut and pecan crust, aloe vera, tree root, as well as stone and minerals including limestone, amber, jade, turquoise and carpets.

The set of materials Martínez Reyes dictates using a wide range of tools. "I use needles, pins, lacto knives, weights, chisels, and any piece of metal or iron that I can sharpen to a good point, as long as I can use it to do detailed work," he explains as he extracts a number of minor carving tools from his treasures bag. To carve more solid materials including some stones, minerals, and bones, he uses more sophisticated precision tools, including dental drills and tools that jewelers use. And yes, he often carves jewelry pieces such as pendants and earrings, often for custom orders.

Martinez Reese is a psychologist. Although he held a number of workshops on sculpting miniatures, he never received a lesson in any field of art. Yet he is a great master, and he has won national recognition on several occasions. More recently, in March 2014, he attended a contest in Mexico City with about 3,000 other popular artists, sponsored partially by FONART (National Fund for the Development of Arts and Crafts). In the category of miniature folk art, he won third place and received a major national award for folk art.

However, with national recognition, nearly twenty exhibitions of his credit and international exposure, Martinez Reyes remains a struggle. "Yes, I was invited to Mexico City and I am grateful for the opportunity to participate and for the judges to acknowledge the quality of my work." But there is still a persistent problem in the minds of many in the arts community, whether Oaxaca provides adequate support to both its promises and many popular artists and artists. In the case of Martínez Reyes, his life's dream is to be the director of the Museum of Miniatures, so that there is a greater global appreciation for his art form.

However, Martinez Reyes has a project that can be achieved in the foreseeable future. He wants to make bone sculptures for 20 of Michelangelo's most famous artworks, naturally in miniatures, for a one-week show at the same museum where he displayed the Frieda / Diego statue last year. It is neither a dream nor a vision. Not only did the curator express his interest, but he also assured him of an individual exhibition of works, and he paid his expenses. He only needs modest sponsorship funding to cover the costs of his return to Treviso. Shockingly, he did not find it.

My interview ends with a disturbing and disappointing note. I go home and try all the time to figure out how to help him. He called him on the phone, and suggested that he got a written invitation from the exhibition curator, and he committed to the show and expenses for a week while he was in Italy. I then propose to arrange an interview with a senior person in the Ministry of Tourism and Economy of the state of Oaxaca, to present the idea – and Italian commitment. How can Okaka reject this request?

The return of air travel to Italy in the context of this offer would lead to millions of tourists in the state of Oaxaca. And if the state rejects the request? There is always the media. After that, donors will not only knock on his door; the state may wake up to the great opportunity of supporting the maestro from miniatures such as Miguel Angel Martinez Reyes.


Modified yoga strengthens the muscles of the back and foundation

Many of my clients come to me with back and neck injuries. As a result, they have a real fear that they will be hurt or reappear. Let me tell you, back and neck pain is not any fun. This pain affects every situation and every social event in your life. People with back challenges, are fully aware of their backs and hips if they stop too much or walk a lot or try new exercises. As a person and teacher who lived with back pain, I will tell you honestly. In order to relieve back and neck pain, a constant adjustment may be required. People who suffer from chronic back pain are usually on the defensive to protect their back. But many return their backs indifferently by improperly moving a piece of furniture or carrying a heavy load (such as their favorite three-year-old child, child, nephew, or nephew). you know what I mean.

To; modified yoga is a way of life to manage back, neck and hip tension. I have been practicing and studying for 22 years, because it works. But here is the catch. I really think these modified yoga extensions are more effective if you can work in your daily routine. It would be like pouring milk into your coffee, and having lunch. For many daily routines, we will do something every day, like eating milk. You may have eaten the same breakfast for the past 20 years or so of your life. You will eat cereal or milk at breakfast, and sometimes you have eggs and toast. If you live near a city, many of you have a weekly routine to go to a museum or exhibit at least once a week. Why is it so difficult to include some stretching every day? Or at least once a week? Stigma?

If you want to relieve your back pain and build core strength, say yes, a daily routine more than tightening and strengthening your back. You will feel the difference, in the way you move, and you will feel more freedom in your daily activities.

To start, I chose some back and core strength that work on almost every time and every type of body. The first one I call; hanging from the side of the mountain. Do this on a mat or bed. Start lying on your stomach. If you're on the bed, remove extra pillows and blankets so you can stretch well. Lie on your stomach. Stretch your arms upward after your ears, then place your palm on the rug or bed. Give yourself arm room. If you need to, go down to give yourself arm room. Before you start this situation, pull the tail bone and hips under it. Angle the lower part of the hips toward the navel or stomach, and tighten the buttocks all the way to protect the back. Keep the palm of your hand, lift your legs and head.

If your neck hurts while doing this, it will press your chin down a little bit towards your chest, so as not to raise your head high. Imagine if you were holding the edge of a mountain cliff with your fingertips. Count from five to fifteen seconds. Release your arms and tighten your hands under your head, then place your elbows down, as if you were applying a pillow to your head. We actually call this position a pillow. After a few seconds of rest, stretch your arms behind your ears again, hold onto the side of the mountain and raise your legs and head. You can do representatives from three to five.

Next time, you will continue to lie on your stomach. The starting position is the same. Stretch your arms behind your ears, and place the palm of your hand under your face. This time we will keep the feet on the anchor. Tighten the buttocks and massage the bottom of the hips forward toward your stomach or by sea. This makes up; a copy of a super girl and a super boy make up. Start by raising your arms and hands, pulling the rug or bed, keeping your feet down, and turning your hands, as if you could put the palm of the hand. We will put palm in a moment. But now sweep your arms around your hips. Feet stay down. If your neck is tense, take off your chin. When your hands reach the hips, you lift your torso as high as you can. If your back is painful, you will not need to lift your torso up. Pause for five to fifteen seconds. Wipe your arms forward and now put the palm together, then stop the mat for three inches or so. Keep your feet down. Hold your palm in front of your face for three to five seconds. Rest in a pillow by putting your hands under your head and breathing.

As you develop core strength, the next situation will be more difficult. This is a copy of Flying. Once again lie on your stomach. Start by placing your hands near the hips. You will place the palm of the hand on the rug or bed near the hips, so that your toes point toward your feet. When it is raised, this time it will be the head, hands and feet. This exercise will work on your stomach and strengthen your back. She flies like this for three to five seconds and reaches resting position or pillow position. You can do reps three to five times. If you apply some of these techniques to your daily or weekly routine, you will feel your back and neck getting stronger.

Just remember the bonding. Back is tightened when the hips, neck and shoulders are closed when the back is painful. Sometimes to release your back, you have to start with your legs and thighs. Do yourself a favor, and don't overdo it. Work with give and take. Today I will not press hard, the next day you will feel better. Check with your body. If you listen, your body will tell you if you can add more stretches, or need a day off. Do not be afraid. Be more like a scientist. Is this possible? No, this does not work. Is this working? No this does not work. Does this work, yes this works. Then keep doing what works!


Abigail: No ghosts here!

Many restaurants and ancient accommodations in Victoria, and even the Royal Royal Golf Course have ghost stories associated with them. Guests of the Abigail & # 39; s Hotel often ask the story of ghosts and the incredibly accommodating staff they love to tell. Unfortunately, ghosts were not coming.

Abigail & # 39; s Hotel is located on the edge of downtown Victoria, a stone's throw from Inner Harbor and truly one of Victoria's best secrets. Well no more! I leave the cat outside the bag! I have lived here for more than 20 years and have driven countless times, and every time I wonder how it looked. I've been to a number of luxurious old hotels and they were all nice, but often disappointing. Not so with Abigail.

As we get past the hotel entrance, we immediately notice the well-preserved English gardens. Passing between Coach House and Inn, both buildings look very similar. At first glance, we couldn't know that they were both built 50 years away. We stand on the spot and are immediately greeted by Thomas, the super friendly front desk host. He guides us to our room and informs us completely about the hotel and services. The bed in breakfast looks attractive, but we choose breakfast with other guests.

Our room is spacious and decorated with all the amenities we could desire. Are they welcome cookies, a comfortable sofa in front of the fireplace, or a four-poster bed, or a marble bathroom with whirlpool and rain shower? Our room is decorated with rich rustic furnishings, goose down duvet, pillows, silk bedspreads and luxurious throw pillows. It is very luxurious and comfortable.

The library in the main building is a meeting place, and is available between 5 and 7 pm, free refreshments and appetizers. In a short time, we met friendly people from Louisiana, Nevada, Ontario and Alberta. Thomas at hand has a good care of us.

For dinner, we take a short walk downtown, no more than 3 or 4 short blocks. We visit the very famous Noodle House to get to know everything that is going on all the fuss. Well, not what we expected, but a unique experience and very tasty food! I wasn't expecting to spoil my wife with chopsticks and a cardboard box to eat outside, but there is nothing very good for my queen!

In the morning, we sit down for a great breakfast. A large table seats most guests. Upon arriving late, we sit at a table for four and we will soon be joined by two young Oregon men. Abigail's are designed and run so that people can easily interact with each other, which increases the enjoyment of the visit. If you come to privacy, the spacious rooms can be your private hideout and you can order breakfast in bed!

After breakfast, Marion Hansen (the general manager) takes us on a tour of the hotel. Each room is unique, yet all have special touches that make Abigail unique. All staff, from marketing and management, to housekeeping and dining are very friendly and helpful. It is hard to imagine why anyone would stay anywhere.

You can see how interested they are, especially when Marion tells us how to invite some neighbors over for Christmas dinner. The owner's philosophy is certainly rooted in all employees and is evident in the attention and attention to detail in both hotel design and style, as well as in the service provided to guests.

When we check it out, we are provided with a small gift bag containing two bottles of water, as well as a guide booklet for other "select accommodations". Working in tourism makes me really appreciate companies that take it seriously. This work really earned "five stars".

So, now is the time to play tourist! Our choice for today is to visit the Victoria Art Gallery. Just a few minutes from Abigail, Art Gallery is located inside the historic Spencer Palace in the Rockland neighborhood. We go there because there is an exhibition of Takao Tanabe art, an artist born in Seal Cove, British Columbia. The artist has received many major awards and is internationally known. His art provides a unique view of earth, sea and sky visible in his vast and extended natural paintings. The sheer size of his paintings offer a stunning view of Canada and especially the West Coast.

We continue our exploration by heading to Sydney by the sea for lunch. Since we have reached most of the local restaurants, we are looking for a new experience. A friend mentioned the Dakota Restaurant at the Victoria Aviation Club, so we are checking it out! From our table, we can see going out on the runway, so throughout lunch a variety of taxis are nearby.

We heard that breakfasts were award winning and found that they served breakfast on weekends all day long. We made our choice and enjoyed a very good lunch.

After lunch, we explore Sydney, do some shopping and tour.

On my way home, I am thinking about our wonderful stay in Abigail's. I am thinking of ghost stories that I can make up for mind inquiries. The truth is that they do not need a ghost. Abigail sells itself!

Reflections on Abigail: peaceful, quiet, comfortable, luxurious but not boastful, friendly, meeting place, charming, romantic, very special. The finest residence in Victoria!


Top 40 romantic things to do

1. Get up super early. Have a pre-prepared special breakfast (croissants, danish, etc.) and set the timer on the coffee maker. Take a short trip to see the sunrise together.

2. When your private person comes home, you have a temporary massage area ready to go (the bedroom works better) with candle light, soft music and a pleasant scent (maybe a candle or scented scent). Offer a romantic massage and pamper them (and they may give you the credit again!)

3. On a day when they were not pressured for a while, they jumped to the bathroom and offered to wash their back. Maybe the shower time can be extended to a little more time so that you can call.

4. Enjoy an indoor picnic by the fireplace (if you have one – if not, for the ambience you can light a lot of candles). Prepare everything – a basket for picnics, blankets, and flowers – anything you use for a picnic outdoors. Of course, it will be a nice bottle of wine (and you are really at home enjoying it!)

5. Kiss. If you have been together for years, you might have forgotten how fun can be fun!

6. Make a surprise dinner for your special person. Send them an invitation in their office with the date (night), time and location (your place). Make it romantic with candlelight, flowers and a wonderful table. Best of all, prepare a dish you know they will love.

7. Go to movies – but don't just sit in movies. Choose one who has been out for a while and attend a trainee. You may be the only one in the theater. Feel free to kiss you a little, hold your hands and enjoy snacks in your "private" (or semi-private) theater. If you are in the mood, turn it into a "double feature".

8. The alarm rings on Saturday. Children? The plans? How about sleep for a change! If you can work, stay in bed together and enjoy spending time together. If this is not possible, instead of letting your private person sleep, bring morning coffee and breakfast to bed. One of the most romantic things you can do is do a thoughtful thing – on a day when this isn't expected.

9. Bring home flowers – whether for a man or a woman. Again, do it on an unexpected day.

10. Buy dozens of roses and attach a note to each rose for the reason that you love others important. Break them up on the bed or put them all over your house to find them.

11. If you have a sexual routine (same positions all the time or on the same day of the week) – change it. Unexpected can be very romantic. Spice up (check out the Kama Sutra for some ideas)

12. Buy an unexpected creative romantic gift. It should not be too expensive nor should it be suitable for a birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day. Just because it is enough reason.

13. Prepare a romantic bath with lots of bubbles, candles, shower products, and body (massager, loofah – so she makes things like chocolate shower bars). Bring a bottle of wine or champagne, sit back and relax. Two people love each other – no clothes – a tight place.

14. Pull some pictures of the two of you and put them in frames. Place them around the house / bedroom.

15. Book a room at a local hotel. Invite a special person to a romantic evening and have her meet you at the hotel. When they knock on the door (or you can send a preset key to them), make the room romanticly decorated (rose petals, candles, flowers, gifts and a bathtub).

16. Reserve a session with a local photographer for Boudoir's pictures.

17. Find a nice secluded place to watch the sunset. Bring a bottle of wine and some fresh appetizers / fruit

18. Do something that would make them really laugh (laughter can be aphrodisiac) – even if that makes you bother jokes.

19. Give up something you want to do with friends, and tell them that you prefer to spend the afternoon / evening with them.

20. Set up a camping trip so you can spend time alone together and prepare for everything (all they have to do is come with you – do not include any packages!)

21. Take a class together (cooking, dancing, guitar – something you enjoy)

22. Whether at home or abroad in a restaurant, if their favorite song plays – wake up and ask them to dance!

23. Is there something they always wanted to do with them but you were so scared (climbing, skiing, diving in the sky etc.). do it!

24. For couples, renew your promises and get your love.

25. For spouses who return, celebrate the extraordinary anniversary (the memory of the first kiss or the memory when you fell in love with you for the first time)

26. Fucked in an unusual place (it would be unexpected and exciting)

27. Help. Without them asking. Help do the dishes. Help with kids. Do the missions. I do I do I do.

28. From time to time, call them randomly to tell them that you think about them and that you love them (and don't follow them with "Oh, why am I calling you on the phone, can you do something? For me?")

29. Write a note of love to them and hide it somewhere they will not find it until they work (or somewhere outside the home)

30. Talk about them – to them. Do not talk about the normal day, but rather about things that have a real meaning to your own person (their hopes and dreams). Listen attentively.

31. Try to help them achieve those dreams in any way they can.

32. Enjoy a night at home watching your favorite romantic comedy

33. For a woman, buy her underwear and leave her in the bedroom after she leaves for work with a note – and a promise – for a romantic evening. Or buy her a dress (really good stores can help you change the size) and treat her like Cinderella. Make her meet you for a special evening out (dinner, theater)

34. Call the radio station that plays love songs (many of which are subscribed) and dedicate a song to them

35. Do something unexpected that will be a romantic surprise. For example, take guitar lessons secretly and one night, pull out a guitar and sing it. Or if you can't dance, dance lessons, and one night, take her out to dance.

36. If you want to be adventurous in the bedroom, buy a romantic board game and have some fun, romance and games.

37. Do romantic activities (horseback riding, hot air inflation, wine tasting, kayaking, hiking, etc.).

38. Stress can really hurt a relationship. Have fun, take a day off and go to a local park together.

39- Plan a weekend away – take care of everything so they only need to jump in the car and go with you.

40. Repeat. Do not let romance in your relationship die. Good relationship takes action. Do not put it on autopilot.


Mackinac Island, Michigan – Questions and Answers

Mackinac Island (pronounced Mac in awe) is located in the Mackinac Strait, in Huron Lake, between the upper and lower Michigan Peninsula. Technically speaking, the island is not on any of the peninsulas, but the island is considered a "supreme peninsula" destination.

I have lived on the island, mostly seasonal, since 1989. I have spent three winters on the island, when almost everything got into it.

Over the years, the same questions have been asked over and over by tourists visiting the island. I gathered some of the most common questions about Mackinac Island here. We hope this sheds some light on the secrets of Mackinac Island.

Why are there so many shops on the island?

The simple answer to this question is simply that "the pungent supply equals demand". There are seventeen candy stores on Mackinac Island, and each one of them does fast business from May to October. Apparently, the tourists couldn't get enough nonsense.

What is the best candy on the island?

I was asked a lot, but there is no correct answer. Each candy store has its own style. Some waffle shops sell almost a generous product. Others sell old crunchy candy. The good news is that every dessert shop on the island offers free samples, so you can try every store before you decide.

Where does the mackinac bridge meet mackinac island?

The Mackinac Bridge connects Upper and Lower Michigan Peninsula. Although it shares the same descriptive title that the island has, as it is "Mackinac", there is no physical link. The only way to get to the island is by boat or plane. Remember: Mackinac Island does not have motorized vehicles (cars), so the bridge that takes cars to the island will make no sense.

Are there really no cars? What happens if someone needs an ambulance?

Well, you got me there. We have emergency vehicles like fire engines, police cars, and ambulances. In winter, when the island is completely closed, you will see construction vehicles and utility trucks. For the most part, the tourist is unlikely to see a single motorized car during the summer season.

Do people live here in the winter?

Some rugged souls remain winter on the island. According to the latest census data (2010), there are 492 full-time "residents" on Mackinac Island. However, many full-time residents leave the island for two months, when boats stop running.

When do the boats stop running?

According to Arnold Transit's representatives, they will "run as far as possible, if icy conditions permit." At some point, usually in mid-January, the lake freezes to such an extent that the ferries close the ice. Arnold Transit – one of the three ferry companies that provide service to the island – estimates that the boats will start running again around March 15. However, the boats this winter did not start running again until the first week of April.

What is there to do in the winter?

not much. At the time of writing, there were only a handful of open companies: The Mustang Lounge, Village Inn Restaurant, Mackinac Island Medical Center, and Doud & # 39; s Grocery Store – the oldest family run grocery store in Michigan, by the way. In addition to these, we have places of worship, a school, and a public library.

However, if you enjoy winter sports and great outdoors, Mackinac Island is a great place to visit in winter. You can ski, go hiking (with snow shoes), or cross-country skiing – to name a few. In winter, the island is mostly quiet and if "moving away from everything" is your motivation, Mackinac Island is often absent from people in the winter months.

How do people get supplies when boats stop running?

There are several methods:

1. Both UPS and USPS can bring packages.

2. People can come and go by plane if they choose to. Round trip is $ 50.

3. You can walk or snow across the frozen lake. However, this can be dangerous and is not endorsed or recommended by the Coast Guard. If you choose to visit Mackinac Island via the Ice Bridge, make sure you have emergency supplies and a fully charged cell phone. Do not go alone, and in groups it is best to travel in a single file.

Anything else I should know before visiting Mackinac Island?

Yes! When kids go off the boat and see horses everywhere, it can be very exciting. However, please do not allow your children to breed horses. They work and it is not appropriate for a pet to be a factor more than a pet.

Also, just because residents ride bicycles does not mean there are no lanes in the road. For some reason, this concept seems to escape from most tourists, who leisurely roam the wrong side of the road while staring at candy stores. Just like roads on the mainland, this often leads to accidents. Please stay on the right side of the road.

Finally, if you are going to stay on the island overnight, here's a tip: check out the beautiful bed and breakfasts on the island first, especially if you're traveling without children. You will save a large amount of money compared to large hotels.


Spice up your marriage with an exciting journey around the corner

You need a sweet and inexpensive idea Spice up your marriage? Are you planning to vacation this year? If you're thinking of getting away from your husband, even if it's only for a few days, consider somewhere close to home. May I suggest the same situation you live in?

Why exploring your state for a vacation is a great romantic idea

Although the weak economy has held everyone to their wallets, we all need vacations. Holidays are your time to regroup, re-prioritize and reconnect your husband – and most of all, just relax.

Exploring your parent condition is an inexpensive and exciting way to have a good vacation for many reasons. First of all, you live there, so planning your trips will not be difficult. If all goes well, you will feel away even though you are just a few miles – and not more than two hours – away from home. If a big mistake happened, then again, you are not too far from spin and straightening the business.

You'll get to see what everyone else does

We only realize what we have if we are able to look at things with new eyes. Your parenting situation is blessed with entertaining activities that make you feel connected again – and possibly in a more effective way than you previously realized.

Check out the official home page of your state online. Google your country and add the word "holidays" or "holidays to couples" and see what the results are. You will be pleasantly surprised by the results. Take a look at the results and enjoy what's close. You can also visit the Travel and Tourism office and find delicious results that were unknown before.

You can travel and enjoy romance + history

If you will be away for more than a week and intend to drive, then you can take advantage of some beautiful historical sites. Plan a route that takes you through exciting historical sites as well as points of interest. For example, if you're in New York, you might enjoy visiting Ellis Island, and maybe even get a romantic dinner cruise around New York City in the evening.

The great thing about traveling within a country is that you can also pick up a phone book or search online and find lots of local companies for visiting and support. Are there local bed and breakfast cottages or wellness resorts that you heard about but you haven't visited? Make it a starting point to cross it out on your list when you start thinking about ways to keep it new and exciting.

Now, many couples don't even consider vacation travel unless they travel millions of miles away. But the truth is that if you want time alone, but on a limited budget, traveling home is a great opportunity to experience romance and freedom. No, you are not making emotional love under the stars in Bali, but you are able to Spice up your marriage Prepare the excitement by making love a new place, even if it's around the corner in your local hotel.


A New Look at Costa Rica for Retirement and Investment: Exposing Popular Myths

For many years, Costa Rica has been considered one of the best retirement havens in the world. With stable democracy, a growing economy-friendly government of foreigners and a tropical climate, as well as astonishing natural beauty, it really gained the phrase "Switzerland, Latin America."

Is this still true today?

Is it as expensive as Switzerland?

Do retirees still come here?

Are they still looking at Costa Rica?

For many people, there seem to be cheaper retirement destinations like Panama or Nicaragua. For others, Costa Rica has become very tourist. Others still believe that Costa Rica has been overlooked with "gringos".

I want to reveal these and other concepts, and I suggest that Costa Rica is still a great place to retire, or to start a new life if you haven't retired yet, especially if you choose your site and your activities carefully.

Costa Rica is very expensive!

I have been living in Costa Rica for about two years but I have been going out and out of the country frequently since 1989 and based on extensive travel across the country in conjunction with "Boomers in Costa Rica Retirement Tours", I found that there are still inexpensive areas to live in Especially if you are moving away from the nearby suburbs of San Jose.

Take for example the magnificent city of San Ramon, an agricultural town with a population of 70,000, located on the northwestern edge of the Central Valley. San Ramon, which includes three former presidents including "Don Baby", who abolished the army in 1948 and embarked on a foundation for strong democracy today, provides a peaceful environment to live in, but it provides all the services of a larger city including many supermarkets, and a mall With a three screen theater, many distinct restaurants and a warm and welcoming locals. It is only 40 minutes from the international airport in Alajuela, one hour to San Jose and 40 minutes to the Pacific coast.

San Ramon also offers a large variety of pieces to build a dream retirement home, either in the mountains that Tico Times calls “Tuscany or Provence Central America” or spectacular ocean views where one can see the Nicoya Peninsula and the Pacific and the bustling coastal city of Puntarenas .

Land prices are still low with some inexpensive plots of up to $ 15,000 for a plot of half an acre, to $ 75,000 for an incredible area of ​​ocean of 2.25 acres. With an amount ranging from $ 60,000 to $ 75,000, you can get a lot of great ocean view homes, providing all the services you need, with less than $ 200,000. If you decide you don't want ocean views, you'll pay less, perhaps around $ 100,000 for a great set and house.

Property taxes are very low, only 0.25% of the registered value of your home / land. I paid $ 66 in property taxes for a whole year! The local government office asked me if I wanted to pay my taxes every three months!

If the rental is more elegant, you can still find modest two-bedroom homes for rent for less than $ 200 per month. Low housing costs coupled with extremely low prices on food and amenities make San Ramon an excellent deal. The cities of Grecia, Sarche, Atenas, and Naranjo also offer excellent value; all you need is to know where to search or link to a local or a language expert or to help you with your assistance.

I also eat inexpensive food, maybe $ 1.50 for breakfast, $ 2.00 for lunch, then brag about dinner, maybe $ 4- $ 6, that's if you go out to eat! Of course, if you visit some of the wonderful foreign markets of this country, you will find fresh meat, fruits and vegetables, and you can cook for yourself and spend less time.

I need good and comfortable medical care!

Some foreigners living in Costa Rica complain that the medical system here is overpopulated and it often takes hours to get to the doctor. Yes, in some regions there are fewer physicians per capita than in the United States, but this generally applies to people who live in the San Jose area, and it often comes to people who choose to get the "CAJA" system, which is most basic health insurance programs , Which is run by the government, to which most Tecos belong.

Once you leave the San Jose area, even if you are on CAJA, the lines often decrease, you will have a strong relationship with a well-trained English-speaking doctor and, in some cases, will even make home calls. There are also other special programs that allow you to see any doctor and even these programs are less expensive than state insurance programs.

In Costa Rica there are also many distinguished hospitals that provide the same level and quality of service that you will find in the United States. CIMA San Jose Hospital, a Baylor Medical Center in Houston, is a new facility with all the new technologies you might find in any hospital in the United States. In fact, my CIMA doctor has more advanced technology in his office than my New York City doctor. The Clinica Publica Clinic, also near San Jose, is also another large hospital, with the same quality of service that you will find at CIMA.

There are many tourists!

Costa Rica is definitely a well-traveled tourist destination, with over a million vacationers seeing a year. If you visit the beaches in Manuel Antonio, the rainforests of Monteverde or the Arenal Volcano during the dry season, yes, you will see many North America and Europeans. However, living here, especially in cities like San Ramon or Grecia, will never know that it is the tourist season. These cities, and others, see only a few tourists and move alone all year round.

In fact, visiting off-season tourist destinations is a huge benefit to living here, especially since prices are much lower than during high season.

Costa Rica is among its approximately 40,000 residents from North America, most of them from the United States. They come for a variety of reasons, from wanting to leave their jobs in the company to get more meaningful work, to just retirement and enjoy a slower and comfortable pace of life that Costa Rica has to offer.

While these expatriates are scattered all over Costa Rica, most of them live in the suburbs around San Jose like Escazu, Santa Anna and Ciudad Colon. Quite a few former bets live in beach communities above and below the Pacific coast while fewer people live on the Caribbean coast. However, many people have begun to notice small towns in the Central Valley like Grecia, Sarchi, Naranjo and San Ramon, as well as some small neighborhoods surrounding these towns. These towns and Pueblo provide a comfortable lifestyle, reasonable property prices and generally lower cost of living.

Therefore, you can live in Costa Rica and not feel very tired of wings or high prices in other parts of the country. However, if you want to live among "your own type", you can do that too!

Historically, Costa Rica was primarily an attractive country for retirees; these people in the late 1950s or early 1960s (and in some cases much larger) wanted a small home, and could have lived at a much lower price compared to North America or Europe. However, Costa Rica also began attracting a good number of baby boomers, especially people who were not yet ready to retire.

After living a quieter and simpler life, these people have not yet succeeded in working. They can own companies that they can operate from almost anywhere. They may also be writers or artists. Others still come here to invest their time and money in new business. Many people have made the transition from the corporate profession in the states to managing breakfast, running a surf shop, offering tours, investing in real estate, and much more. Costa Rica is a very business-friendly country and the opportunities here are still endless.

The roads are awesome!

Like any developing country, especially a country with a part-year rainy season, and with trucks and cars sharing the same road, often consisting of two lines, it can be difficult to keep roads in perfect condition all the time.

Fortunately, under the new management of the Nobel Prize Winner, President Oscar Arias, important steps are being taken to address these concerns. Millions of dollars have been set aside for the construction and repair of new roads. Costa Rica has come a long way in improving infrastructure, and it is only improving.

No Happo Espanyol!

While one can get around without knowing much Spanish, you'll have a better experience if you try to learn at least some basic words, phrases and phrases. Plus, making a friendship with Tiko (hopefully it is bilingual!) Will go a long way in helping you get things done here.

In our retirement rounds, for example, we offer a post-tour transportation service where we link our clients to TCO to help with some important “post-transfer” tasks such as obtaining a driver’s license, connecting electricity, telephones, Internet services, and a variety of things The other. I couldn't get through without Tico Communications and my Spanish country was getting better all the time.

But Costa Rica in Central America!

Central America has a reputation for being very poor and, historically, a region stifled by complete political chaos, dictators and communists and interfered by by foreign countries. However, Costa Rica has enjoyed continuous and stable democracy since 1948, and the transition to new administrations has been as peaceful as in the United States. Yes, there are poor people here, but not like the extreme poverty that exists, for example, in Nicaragua or Honduras.

And Costa Rica has not experienced rampant guerrilla war in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. It remains somewhat dangerous in these countries, and the political systems remain completely unstable. Housing and land may be much cheaper, but is it worth paying less to live if you experience a power outage of six to eight hours per day (as in Nicaragua recently) or more importantly, do you live in fear?

I have also found that people welcome us much more than others in other countries in the region, and they don't just give us our money. They work hard, they're really interested in getting to know North America, and for us, it's not hard to integrate into the Costa Rican community. I can only tell you how many parties and dinners I have been invited to in Tiko Homes since I moved here. They are really friendly people!

With millions of baby boomers retiring in North America – more than 70 million of them – now or over the next twenty years, and living longer than previous generations, it will take a lot of money to live well in retirement, especially in the U.S. states. Is Costa Rica still a good alternative? Yes! Are you doing well here and enjoying yourself? at all! Visit you and meet the wonderful people and the natural environment that we still call Paradise. We are here, live our dreams, and we are happy to help you! You can even email me at:


Two weight loss tips to increase your metabolism from the moment you get out of bed!

Here are two small tricks to start boosting your metabolism from the moment you get out of bed – no pills are required!

# 1 The first thing we tend to do when we get out of bed is to open the kettle and start today with a nice cup of tea. However, if you have a cup of hot water and lemon, this can actually increase your metabolism rate.

Please do not click on this thought until you try it. It is very tasty and very very refreshing. Not only does this drink boost metabolism, it is also good for cleaning the liver and toxic kidneys!

You can either buy fresh lemon (or lime) and squeeze a few drops into the water you got, or you can buy concentrated lemon juice from your local supermarket.

# 2 Next, after we've made a hot lemon drink, it's time for breakfast. Most people now tend to eat breakfast every morning (including me). But this is a mistake! The reason for this is that our metabolism has become accustomed to weetabix's daily breakfasts (or whatever you have).

So if you know that you have two weetabix, then you know and get used to burning the same amount of calories every morning. So if your metabolism burns the same amount of calories every morning, this means that he is not getting boosted.

What you have to do is deceive your metabolism every day or so and eat a different breakfast. This way, metabolism should burn different types of food and different calories. This then gives your metabolism a big boost!


Biltmore Estate embraces Buch past and present

Recently, I hold my dog ​​back to find the truth when it comes to Biltmore Dog friendship. We knew the dogs were welcome on the grounds. So we assumed we were walking in some lanes, and we were sailing in some gardens and our house. Au CONTRAIRE … we were allowed around and it was a good time by everyone.

I always park in the arboretum and then raise the stairs to the estate. I just love this area that leads to the garden of my favorite view where I see the beloved blue hills. It is above the wisteria that leads to the house. Dogs are not allowed to enter the house itself to the point of my anger. It reminded me that since Biltmore was home to St. Bernards, the Russian Wolfhounds and Shepherd Dog Shepherd, he was sure that the animals of the past did not mind. He finally understood that we should all do our part to preserve this legacy. It would be dangerous to allow pets inside the walls of the famous house.

As we rejoiced in the front garden, we met some moving stalls, one great chair and two little German dogs. With a little stampede and tangle in leashes, introductions were introduced and the consensus of dogs was that they had a great day out. So, we are trotted on. After a wonderful tour of the earth and a stop at Bass Pool, we jumped in the car and drove to Cedric's, the pub in Antler Village named after the famous Vanderbilt booth. We were looking forward to lunch at the dog-friendly Biltmore Restaurant, and therefore it became a fresco course. The staff was delightful and Buck dealt with real Biltmore hospitality.

We were keen to know everything we could about Cedric. It appears that the trusted St. Bernard of George Vanderbilt was the first pet in Biltmore. No one is sure how George came to own Cedric, but they know that he brought him to Biltmore from Ponte d'Acadi, his summer home in Bar Harbor, Maine, sometime around the opening of Biltmore House in 1895. They went to the country clear and had a good life for pets from Vanderbilt. Cedric had at least no free rule on the first floor of Biltmore House, which he spent so much hanging around in the library, billiard room, or basking on the loggia, but he also often accompanied his master and other family members on trips throughout their vast journey. Property.

With our stomachs full, we drove to the Biltmore Farm which was just a jump and a skip. The employee could not have been nicer to encourage us to take funny photos of beloved Buckaroo using an old cart and straw hats as props. We ended our day with a stroll (trying to work out delicious fish and chips) around the bike path with a view of the Swananua River.

If you choose to take over the house on the day you visit to notice, there are a few kennels. You must ask the gatekeepers upon entry and you will be directed to them. You are the master of lock and key if you are lucky enough to get an empty kennel. Pets must be bound at all times for the safety and convenience of all guests. Dogs are not allowed in the main house but we were welcomed into many other buildings. Of course we asked for permission and it was in our best behavior.

Biltmore is a site you should watch and is really more fun by dumping your dog.


Find the perfect engagement gift idea

Engagement parties have become very popular. It is a great way to celebrate the upcoming marriage of the newlyweds. This also means that you may need to come up with an engagement party gift idea.

There are a lot of great gifts you can get for a newly partnered couple. The things that will come in handy for the wedding planning process are one idea. Wedding planning books or scrapbook to keep track of all pre-wedding events are some ideas. Another nice idea is a set of engraved champagne flutes or a cake presentation set that can be used at the wedding.

The family items that the couple will prepare together create a great idea of ​​an engagement gift. Some small appliances in the kitchen, a nice set of towels in bold letters, or a beautiful crystal or silver frame for wedding photos are some ideas. A gift basket lined with luxurious kitchen flyers full of kitchenware like a can opener and wine key as well as some great cookbooks is a very useful gift idea.

Gift certificates that he gives him to the local spa can provide a great idea of ​​a gift for an engagement party. It will give the married couple an opportunity to relax, de-stress, and spend quality time together away from planning a hectic wedding. Likewise, a gift certificate for a restaurant, a night at a bed and breakfast, or a fictional hotel is also fun ideas for a engagement party gift.

Try to consider the happy likes and dislikes of the couple when deciding on the idea of ​​the perfect gift for an engagement party for them. Sure, you will be appreciated whatever you decide to get as she prepares to take the next big step in her life together.