Secret housing every traveler needs to know

Travel can be a lifetime adventure. When traveling with your loved ones or family, the shared experiences and memories that are made will certainly last a lifetime. Getting out of your comfort zone and exploring a new location can go out of its own little hassles but it teaches you to learn how to think about your feet and solve problems. The more your experience, the more trade tricks you learn. Here is the residence secret that every traveler needs to know.

It may be stressful to find yourself in a new destination and encounter some problems in your hotels. Knowing that you have a cozy and cozy place makes the whole trip more enjoyable and entertaining. Regardless, sometimes problems arise and you need to know this one secret:

Be a trick

At any given moment there is a variety of ways in which you can quickly find the travel information you need so that you and your important family or family members are not cut off somewhere without a warm family to sleep in. Use this guide to help you find a place to stay during your travels.

  1. Local searches online

Navigating online and searching for hotels near me can yield some promising results. However, most of the pop-up results will be driven largely by chains of companies and major corporations. You might be able to find better deals by skipping a few pages and looking at the local results that come through. Downloading an app to your phone or tablet is also a good resource. You can often do a site survey and find good options within a specific radius of where you are.

  1. Try the travel site

There are some top travel sites that can help you book flights, find hotel packages near the city or airport that you will be near, or help obtain discounts at restaurants and car rental companies. Sometimes these sites may find special offers for you in hotels that may not be advertised directly normally, so they are always worth a try.

  1. Locally run bed and breakfasts

When she is in Rome, do as her people do. There is a reason why locals prefer to stay in and support their locally run bed and breakfasts. Often they offer some of the best accommodations and amenities to help you feel at home. Most of them will serve a delicious breakfast in the morning as well as places to grill or relax by the fire pit, pool or hot tub. Also, the rooms are usually designed to be very comfortable and are especially ideal for romantic holidays.

Now that you know the secret, get out there and plan to experience your fun travel today.


On our next trip – Why should we stay in a bed and breakfast?

Why do you stay in bed and breakfast anyway?

Good question … why do you have to think of "bed and breakfast" versus other places to stay … after all, it seems like the last place you stayed … ok! Moreover, there are a lot of hotels or motels that you turn to … or along the way … You can easily choose one of them … right?

Sure … sure … I was asking myself every time I / we were about to travel for work and / or pleasure … or … even when we decided to go in Self Weekend bonus "go trip" … so when we looked more at staying at the B&B, we discovered some interesting things.

For example, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts to choose from now … When we first started searching, the choice of bed and breakfast type of B&B, room availability, price, amenities, etc. was very limited.

There are a lot of them now, so when we decided where we wanted to go … and if We wanted to stay at the B&B … well, there was usually one near by.

Also, we discovered that just like in any other traditional place to stay (like this hotel or hotel), B & Bs differ depending on what they had to offer … it all depends on what we were looking for or what we wanted!

Now you can usually find one almost anywhere you decide to travel or need.

Since we're talking about where the bed and breakfast is, let me pass along this advice … the fastest way to locate a bed and breakfast on the Internet … many homes have internet connection these days (or home owners can easily access the network) .. So when choosing where to go / visit … there will be opportunities in the area.

… interesting … but!

All of this is interesting, but if you are like me, you still need strong reasons to stay at the bed and breakfast for your next vacation, family gathering, business trip or something else!

As anyone knows (especially those browsing the internet), there are many articles on the internet about travel … and a lot about B & Bs … including basic "at home" B & Bs to previous palaces … more palaces Previous, where families are already living … now converted to a B&B.

However, most of these articles (and often video) tell you the great time that you and your family, friends, friends, etc. will spend if you stay at bed and breakfast (and you will probably do) … Plus, keep track of all these wonderful things it offers B&B!

Although all of these articles (and / or videos) are basically ads trying to persuade you to stay there when visiting the area.

Why write about B & Bs?

My wife and I live in the Atlanta area of ​​Georgia and we have a bed and breakfast "at home" … Now we love to come and live with us, but we know this will never happen … and that's fine, because you "do or not"" Staying with us (or at B & B) you can still benefit from this article.

It is written so that when you make the next trip, no matter where you travel … you will consider staying in the bed and breakfast, especially if you have not stayed on one trip before!

For us, we find a bed and breakfast wherever we travel and stay there … so I highly recommend them.

Additionally, although the economy is not as good as it was in the past, people still travel (and travel a lot), whether for work or pleasure … especially on vacation days family reunions.

So, we hope this article (Traveler / Tourists) will make you realize that there are other places to stay in previously, that you may have overlooked.

No matter where you go and no matter why you go there, just keep in mind that there are many good reasons for staying at bed and breakfast … reasons I would be glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the reasons are not my reason … they did not think about it … rather they went through the guests, who have stayed with us over the years … and have come up with some good ones!

If I can get any help or more information, just contact me … and remember this:

Thinking about staying in a B&B on that next trip … you will be delighted that you did!


Running and breakfast

The "B&B" jogging looks great at 5 pm peaks on the streets of Manhattan during the cold winter. The truth is, it could be a real job. Let me give you a taste of the life of a traditional B&B owner.

Imagine 8pm on Friday in the middle of summer in a beautiful bed and breakfast. You have just finished clearing the dining room, as your guests have recently been immersed in some snacks and drinks. You are tired. It has been a long day. You are about to start preparing dishes that will take you an hour or so, and the phone rings. It's John Smith, the late check-in guest, who was going to check-in at 9 pm. It tells you that it will not be there by 10 pm.

It's 9 pm now, I just finished dishes, and now she is throwing dirty towels into the wash and collecting new towels, replacing the old ones in the bathrooms. This takes you another hour or so. You can check your watch. It is 10 pm, not John Smith. "Where could it be?" You marvel at yourself. You can check the phone for any messages, nothing. At 10:30 pm, the phone rings. It is John Smith. It is on the state park road at exit 117. It should be there in about an hour and a half. At 11 pm, John Smith finally arrived. You can check in and show his room, and at 11:20 pm, you rush to your bedroom to reach the bag because you promised an early ascent, Julie Murphy, you will get fresh coffee and a continental breakfast for her at 6 am. If you are lucky, you have gone out of exhaustion at 11:45 pm and have fallen asleep for more than five hours.

Welcome to a quiet world of B & Bs. Not your usual day, but you get the idea. My point is, managing a B&B is not as easy as you think. However, it can be everything you think it will be as long as your thoughts are based on reality.

Your level of attention to detail, along with your B & B website, can make your B&B a real success or a real nightmare. During the busy B & B season (mainly from May to September in the northeast) you are always on your way. Dictate hours by your guests hours. Late arrivals can make you wake up late, and early climb may require you to wake up at 5 AM.

Frequently asked questions

What constitutes a B&B? Generally anything greater than 5 rooms is considered a hostel and anything less is a B&B.

How do you know if your B&B is successful? 100 nights, one year, full of ability, is a good year.

Can you earn a living running a B&B? In most cases, you'll need about six rooms to make a living. Anything less is just an extra income. If the host wants to earn a living at the B&B, he must open an inn.

What are the biggest problems facing bed and breakfast hosts? In general, it is attention to detail required for a well managed bed and breakfast and last minute cancellation or non-attending guests.

Should the B&B be included with the Reservation Service Agency ("RSA")? If this is your first bed and breakfast place and you're just getting started, the answer is final yes! Here’s why. Good RSA provides a number of valuable services. First of all, they can drive business to your B & B hotel. Many RSAs provide brochures for government welcome centers. Some RSAs communicate with local companies and special event coordinators. When a prospective guest takes one of these brochures and invites RSA, he will provide the possibility with B & Bs to cater to their geographical and personal needs. Other benefits of joining RSA include valuable advice on how to operate the B&B. Usually many RSAs come to your bed and breakfast to see if it has the right setting to accommodate guests.

They usually bring a checklist and go through a checkup. Soon you will only discover the strengths and weaknesses of a B&B. Often times, this service is offered free of charge, as a preliminary consultation, RSA will do it as a way to determine if your B&B meets minimum standards. This scan helps embody the problems inherent in your B&B. If successful in the examination, RSA will be interested in listing your home. Typical operational services provided by RSA include, in addition to those listed, telephone answering, email / mail inquiries, checking and matching of hosts with hosts. They will send confirmation to guests who book. Some even send regular newsletters to hosts and help hosts keep records and prepare taxes. All of these services, of course, come at a cost. Generally speaking, the RSA commission will be between 20-25% of rental revenue from guests who book.

How much should I charge per room per night? Most B & Bs charge at least $ 100 a night for a double room. Depending on your geographical location, this amount may be significantly higher or less.

What kind of costs / expenses do you expect to pay in your bed and breakfast? Bed and breakfast operating expenses include food and drink, coffee filters, soap and shampoo, facial / toilet tissue, cleaning supplies, cleaning and laundry assistance, new papers, paint, repairs, linens, bedding, towels, fresh flowers, new flowers, advertising / promotion, office supplies, dues / subscriptions, business cards, reading lamps, phone, Internet access, commission to your RSA, membership fees for local business organizations (i.e. Chamber of Commerce), insurance, utilities, accounting fees, legal fees, income taxes, real estate tax and p Mortgage Benefits.

What kind of accounting or bookkeeping system is required at the bed and breakfast you run well? Accounting for bed and breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. Your options are a manual accounting system or a computer-based system. Manual accounting system can be as simple as checkbook, accordion file and some envelopes. The accordion file must contain 12 compartments per month. Include envelopes for major expenses in every cabin and place your expense receipts in every expense envelope. For those expenses that do not fit neatly into any one category, include a "miscellaneous" envelope. At the end of the month, increase your expenses on the control sheet that lists expenses on the left and a column for each month on the right. Subtract the total month from your receipts for this month and you will know how much money you earned or how much you lost. The computer-based system should be easy to use. I recommend QuickBooks because it is one of the easiest accounting software to learn and use on the market. A few hours with your accountant, who learns QuickBooks, can save you more hours of trial and error, let alone frustration and stress, on the road. If you feel that you don't care about the details in keeping even an initial accounting system, use the checkbook as an accounting system. Ensure that all expenses you incur are managed through your checkbook or that a specific credit card is used only for business purchases, if you are not good at keeping receipts.

Should I regulate B & B as a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or limited liability company?

This is not an easy question to answer. Before we get to that answer, let me touch on how to own a B&B. I would recommend the B&B to be personally owned. The reason is that there are tax advantages to owning a B&B in person. One of the main tax benefits is the personal residential exclusion of any gain of up to $ 500,000 ($ 250,000 for individual taxpayers) over the personal residence portion of your bed and breakfast. Another reason is that this direct ownership better facilitates the use of B & B's sales tax by using a similar type exchange, which allows the seller to postpone taxes on any profit from the sale of BB, as long as the nice property (real estate) is acquired within six months From the date when the B & B. is sold through a direct personal ownership structure, you can rent the bed and breakfast to the legal entity that will run the business. In any case, I will not manage the B&B project as a sole proprietorship, as the sole proprietorship has unlimited liability.

My first choice would be a company in which the S elections were held. S provides the best limited liability protection, even better than a limited liability or partnership company. Here’s why. In a limited liability company, your personal responsibility is limited, in the event of a lawsuit due to some kind of negligence, but only if you did not personally cause negligence or injury (that is, the employee was responsible for negligence or injury and did not direct that employee to perform this act) . If you have anything to do with neglect, you and all your personal assets may be at risk. In partnership, as a general partner, you may be personally responsible for any negligence or injury, even if it was caused by an employee. In the company, only the company's assets are at risk. Your personal assets are safe. Corporate responsibility at the corporate level requires "breaching the corporate veil", which is difficult to do due to the long history of precedents that limit it. At S, any net income or net loss and some other tax items will flow into your personal income tax, because S is a pass-through entity.